Saturday, 4 February 2017

Where have I been

Working on my dress
I remember badly waiting for my diploma to end and planing out what's next on my list of things to do and accomplish. Now that it's over, it's taking me forever to get back to my routine. It's like I've been so exhausted the entire 2016 and now everything's hitting me back. Plus, the cold - me & winters, we don't really go well together. It's almost been 20 days since the fashion show (more about that later) and I feel like now I need to at least get back to blogging and begin sorting out other stuff.

So, after my trip to Islamabad, and I started to work my fashion show garment for the diploma that I'm doing, my dad had a paralysis stroke. He actually had had heart problems for a while, that we weren't aware of. So, yeah it has been pretty intense around my house. But my sisters and my mom, we definitely are a group of tough ladies. My dad has recovered a lot since. But he still won't quit smoking. *sigh*

It did get hard because all of us go to school or work. I was in charge of my being with my dad and taking care of him in the morning and then I went to take my classes in the afternoon, working on my dress. Then my illustration projects in the evening. All this has taken a real toll on my anxiety levels, that's for sure!

Shopping trip at Saddar

On top of all that, my dad is the only one who would take me to all the weird bazaars and places that I have to go to get my art/fabric stuff. I really had pick up my courage, and go to places like Saddar and Bolton Market without a grown-up. I have to admit, I've grown stronger.

I don't know if you've been following my art page, but I have started to take illustration projects recently and that has been going really well for me. Giving me purpose and stuff. I'm currently working on coloring books, fashion illustrations and children's book illustrations (my favorite). That has kept me occupied as well. I'm actually thinking of applying to an illustration agency (if I can find one in Karachi).

My birthday outfit

I had my birthday a day after the fashion show. And the first time in my life I didn't want to go out on my birthday. I was so exhausted. I cut the cake in bed. We had lunch at Rowtisserie (great food by the way). Then I came home & slept the day away.

Delicious fettuccine alfredo at Rowtisserie

After my birthday I started my diet. Remember, I would be sick all the time? Well, this is kind of the solution. No chicken, no rice. Only meat and gourds. Yayy. I'm not very good at this diet thing.

Now that I have gained a bit of my energy, I'll be back to blogging, that's for sure.


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  1. Good to see u back. I have been seeing your show updates and I must say you did an amazing job :) Happy belated birthday.


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