Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Why Wear False Nails from Bed of Nails

Hey there beauties! Hope the wedding season is treating you well. Today's blog is regarding the reasons I started making false nails.

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Matte-ness Rs. 400

1. Affordable

False nails are definitely more affordable than acrylics/gel nails. Especially Bed of Nails where the prices start at Rs. 200. But that really doesn't mean they are bad quality. The reason I kept them inexpensive so that a wide demographic of girls & women could enjoy beautiful looking finger nails! With such low prices you can totally afford a bunch of glamorous false nails, where as you could only get acrylics done once.

2. They look natural

Hand painted & hand filed false nails are natural looking. Those plastic ones you get from local stores look totally fake since the polish is pasted on. This brings me to my next point.

3. They are long lasting & reusable

Can you take off your acrylics and wear them again? Can those cheap ones last more than a day? No. But Bed of Nails can be removed easily with warm water, without washing away the art & can be worn again & again! That is the true beauty of false nails.

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Negative Thinking Rs. 380

4. You can pray

I know a lot of us feel too lazy to wear nail polish to weddings & other formal events. Why work so hard on your nails when we have to take it off anyway? All of us have to pray, right? Similarly, we cannot get acrylics done. Well, since Bed of Nails are reusable, all you need to do is glue them on, dazzle everyone with your gorgeous nails & take 'em off right in time for prayers!

5. Instant manicures

Bed of Nails are good to have as a back up, when you break a nail just before your cousin's wedding or when you don't have time to get acrylics done. Putting them on takes 5 mins; no appointments, no waiting.

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Frostbite Rs. 500

6. Custom made false nails make great gifts

Your friends loves a particular book or movie? Get custom made nails just for her!

7. They won't harm your nails

As long as you use a nail glue on dry nails, false nails from Bed of Nails won't harm your nails like acrylics do.

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Festive Rs. 470

8. Nails for all ages & preferences

Bed of Nails has a variety of false nails that caters to all ages of ladies with different preferences. Working ladies looking for sophisticated nails, teens looking for farewell nails, brides looking for bedazzled nails, Bed of Nails has you all covered!

To get yourself a set of falsies, visit my store Bed of Nails and check out the new instagram page too!


Sunday, 27 December 2015

A change of path

Photo credits: Medium

Hey beauties! I'm back after a long break. Not a fun break at all; had my exams, the very last exams of my bachelors!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Winter Lip Colors on a Budget! - Medora Berry & Pink Berry

medora pink berry lipstick, medora berry lipstick
Medora Pink Berry & Berry

Hey beauties! I've been a pink or peach lips girl forever but I really wanted to try out some mauves and berries this year. What better way to try out a new lip color than to get some Medora?

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Realistic fiction.. Thank you Rainbow Rowell for introducing me to this genre! Landline is a book about a couple in their 40s, fighting to the point of not speaking to each other.. sounds boring right? Well, Rainbow Rowell has an act for making ordinary, everyday life into blow-your-brains-out amazing!

Picture courtesy: Goodreads

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Karachi International Book Fair '15

Hey all! Havin' a great sunday? I'm sick yet again. I guess I'm sick 60% of the year :-/ Anyway, yesterday I went to Karachi International Book Fair held at Expo Centre. I didn't want any books. My older sister & I only went to give my younger sister Maheen company. But we ended up getting around 15 books in total :-D That's what happens when shopaholics go to a book fair!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fall Fashion - Vest Season

Hey beauties! Posting the last fall outfit for you all, 'cause it feels like it'll be winter here soon in Karachi.

hijab fall outfit pakistan

Top - Dorothy Perkins UK Gingham Dress
Vest - Clockhouse Canada Denim Vest
Pants - H&M Beige skinny chinos
Scarf - Outfitters Pakistan Blue Maxi Voile
Shoes - Bata North Star Sneakers

I love dress tops like these! Need to get more ^_^ Hope you all liked today's outfit post!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Lip liner for Fall! Jordana Cherrywood

jordana quickliner lip pencil cherrywood review swatches, pakistani beauty blogger

Hey beauties! You know the one thing that makes me incredibly happy? When I find a lip product that works on my incredibly dry lips, without appearing patchy and dry. And this Jordana Quickliner Lip Pencil in Cherrywood does exactly that for me!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fall Fashion - Yellow & Beige

It is yet again time for an outfit post. The theme was Autumn, I chose a dull yellow cotton tunic top and paired with beige scarf and pants. And my brown flats and metallic bag, they go with everything I tell you! I know yellow is a bright & sunny color, perfect for summer, but you can totally grab a dull yellow clothing piece, pair it with a neutral color and rock it in Autumn as well. My scarf is maxi size, hence the million folds you see there. And my pants are a mix of jeans and chinos. The picture is extremely bad, thanks to the bad lighting at Dolmen City Mall :-P Hope you like! ^_^

pakistan hijab blog, pakistani beauty blog, outfits fall autumn pakistan

Dry Skin Diary - Favorite Freeman Masks

Gorgeous girls with dry skin, I know all of you are dreading winter. All is well 'cause I'm here to the rescue! ^_^ I have some amazing masks for dry skin to talk about today, all from the affordable and readily available brand, Freeman Beauty.

Pakistani beauty blogger, dry skin blog, freeman pineapple enzyme mask, freeman goji berry mask, freeman avocado and oatmeal mask

NEW Bed of Nails Sophisticated Collection

Hey beauties! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend ^_^ As you all know, I have started a false nails store called Bed of Nails recently. I wanted to share the upcoming collection with you all. The theme is sophistication. A lot of girls were inbox-ing me, asking for something 'plain' or 'simple'. That lead me to create these designs. I have chosen neutral fall colors for the collection, so the nails go with all your dresses.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

'Tis the season to curl! - My Hair Curling Routine

Hey girls! Hope you all are doing great ^_^ I don't know about you but I love curly hair. The moment the air starts to get dry, I reach for my hair curler for all formal events. In this post I will share my curling routine.
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The pre-curl - You need to shampoo and condition your hair well and let them air dry. No blow dryers please. We are going for soft and fluffy curls here. After your hair dry up, use a drop or 2 of L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil. It will make your hair manageable and fluffy and will protect them from the heat.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bed of Nails - My False Nails Store!

pakistan false nails fake nails artificial nails nail art store

Hello readers!

With an immense amount of happiness, I announce the launch of my false nails store! This announcement is 14 days late :-P That's 'cause I was sick and on a blogging break. I actually launched the store on 6th of September. It's a tiny, home based business, built with my own investment. By the grace of God, I have reached 300 likes in just 2 weeks ^_^. Thank you my fellow bloggers for promoting my store! <3 p="">
Here's a brief desription of my store, Bed of Nails:

We know how hard it is to have unappealing nails at a big event. For some people it's hard to grow nails, some are nail biters while others cannot grow their nails due to their careers (Doctors, makeup-artists, etc). And sometimes, you just don't want to take the risk of breaking your nails (like your wedding day). Bed of Nails is here to solve your nail related issues!

We provide top quality & long lasting nails at affordable rates in Pakistan. The nails are hand painted and made with love. The nail artist has been doing nail art for about 6 years and a little secret.. she was a nail biter herself!

Order your Bed of Nails and you will not be disappointed.

Cute, no? Wrote it myself! ^_^

Please check out Bed of Nails here. I am offering 10 off till Eid so hurry up and place your orders! ^_^ I will be writing short blogs about my store so all of you are updated with all the new collections. I will also hold a giveaway at 500 likes so stay tuned for that as well.

Much love,

Makeup Revolution Amazing Liquid Liner Waterproof

Heyyyy! I'm so happy to be back! For those who don't follow me on Instagram (which you should! @jbqadri) I've been really sick for the past month!? Yeah, I think it's been a month. I had strep throat. It's really ugly. I couldn't eat, couldn't drink water.. I even woke up one day feeling like I couldn't breathe! So, yeah it was horrible and it's still not healed completely. I'm still not drink cold water, and you can imagine how awful that is in this HEAT!

Anyway, I'm so happy to be blogging again! ^_^ Hope you all have been great and in good health. Let's begin today's blog, shall we?

Makeup revolution waterproof amazing liquid eye liner review swatches pakistan

Sunday, 30 August 2015

P.S. I'll Bake You - Yummilicious Cakery!

Hey there! We've all ordered beautifully decorated, delicious looking cakes from local and online bakeries, only to have our hearts ripped out when they taste like garbage! Okay, that's a bit extreme. But to me cake is important. Very important. I LOVE cake! And it saddens me greatly when a cake looks so good but tastes so bad. That's not what the art of baking is at all.

I thanked the baking gods when I tasted these cakes from P.S. I'll Bake You. The online bakery is owned by my sister's friend and she is amazingly talented! The cakes tastes so good, they will blow your brains out!! (too disgusting?)

Okay, I'm being too weird. Let's move on to the cakes we got from P.S. I'll Bake You.

This is the cake we got for my sister's birthday.

Jordana Eye Glam Cream Eyeshadow in Sapphire Stone + Blue Smokey Eye

Hello beautiful ladies! Hope your week went well! I had the worst 2 weeks ever. I was extremely sick. I couldn't even sit up straight. Thank God I'm back to normal! :-(

Sorry for the downer beginning of today's blog! ^_^ Today I bring you an amazing drugstore cream eyeshadow from Jordana.

Jordana Eye Glam Cream Eyeshadow in Sapphire Stone review swatches pakistan, Blue Smokey Eye,

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Eye Love - Jordana Prolong Purple Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil

pakistani beauty blog, jordana review pakistan, jordana made to last eye shadow pencil prolong purple review swatches

Hey beauties! I know the entire world obsesses over 2 cream shadows, Maybelline Color Tattoo and NYX Jumbo Pencil. Here I bring you another, just as good cream shadow, that's less expensive!

Azadi Nails & Outfit

Hey all! A very happy belated Independence Day to all my Pakistani readers! <3 nbsp="" p="">
In my uni we celebrate the day on the 13th of August. This is what I wore.

green nail art outfit 14th august

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Just Another Day At The Mall

Hello again my favorite people! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty tiresome. In fact my entire week was tiresome. Firstly, me uni just started in full swing :-( Then it was my best friend's wedding (I'm sure you've seen a dozen pictures on my instagram ^_^). I spent my Saturday relaxin' at Dolmen City Mall, which is my sisters' and my favorite hangout. We go there so much I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get tired of that place soon. This is what I wore:

pakistani beauty blog, hijab outfit pakistan, scarves pakistan, outfitters pakistan, stylo pakistan
The picture was taken by my sister Niveen Qadri with her iPhone 5.

Top: Outfitters Pakistan (PKR 1000 on sale, PKR1900 originally)
Jeans: Zara UK
Bag: Clark's UK
Loafers: Stylo (Around PKR 1000)
Scarf: Beige Viscose from Outfitters Pakistan (PKR 700 on sale, PKR 900 originally)

The UK stuff was brought by my sister from UK, so I have no clue about the prices ^_^. Hope you guys like the post!

Have a happy Monday!

How I Store My Scarves/Dupattas

Hello dear readers! Let's start with a little story. I'm a university going student. If you've gone to uni you'll know how hectic the entire predicament is. I barely get time to keep my room clean. From Monday to Friday my clothes are piled up on my bed or my study table. Then on the weekends they get stuffed inside my closet. Only during vacations do I get the time to clean out my closet. But you want to know the one thing that's organized? My scarves and dupattas (maxi scarves). Today I'll show you how.

storing scarves dupattas hijabs, pakistani beauty blog

Piling up scarves is not the best way to store them. Because they are so soft and slippery that a pile will never hold up it's shape. It will keep messing up. Than there's the issue to locate them. It will take me around 3 minutes to find a particular scarf in the morning and re-pile them. And since 3 minutes morning time = 15 minutes regular time, piling is such a waste of time!

I came up with this great solution! Just take a regular hanger from your closet. And tie up your scarves as shown below.

storing scarves dupattas hijabs, pakistani beauty blog

You just need to make a loop, bring the scarf inside it and pull. I really hope you found this useful!

P.S. The pictures were taken before my walls were re-painted. Hence the non-coral, ugliness.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

The new Essence Eyebrow Gel

Hey beauties! Hope you're all well. So turns out, I had no classes all week! Don't know what's up with my department. I only went on Thursday and had only 1 class with just 2 students. Even my van ditched me. I guess it's 'cause of the rain. Hopefully everything will get back to normal from Monday, so be ready for some outfit posts!

The new Essence Eyebrow Gel review swatches pakistan

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Jordana Matte Fruity Punch Lipstick - the perfect pink!

Jordana Matte Fruity Punch Lipstick review swatches pakistan

Hey beauties! Hope the raining season is treating you well. It's with sadness that I write today's blog 'cause today is the last day of my summer vacations! *cry face*. I really REALLY don't wanna go back so soon! Mainly because my entire summer was spent with renovations in my house and we barely got to go out and have fun. And second reason being that I really hate uni! And I mean that in the sweetest way possible ^_^

Anyway, onto today's review. The team was kind enough to send me a Jordana + MUA goodie bag and that too just before Eid! So, I got to try out the pretty makeup on Eid.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Eid Outfit!

Hey hey hey! Eid mubarak everyone! Hope you all had a happy and safe Eid. And OMG it rained today like madness! I literally shrieked at the sound of thunder. So anyway, onto my eid outfit!

This year my sisters and I just went with embroidered cotton tops. I got mine from Khaadi and the color combination, accents and embroidery.. everything about it was just love at first sight!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Eid Jewelry Haul!

Hey there beauties! Towards the end of Ramadan I know all of us are rummaging through the malls, looking for jewelry pieces, especially vibrant and colorful bangles. I thought I would make your life easier and show you some pretty stuff I got for Eid ^_^.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Go-to Peachy Smokey Look

Hey again! In the 2 years that I have blogged, I am just now sharing an eye makeup look! If there's one thing you should know about me, I'm all about subtle eye makeup. It's a peachy day time smokey sort of look and it's my go-to technique for a soft smokey eye.  It's really easy and great for beginners and teens. The look is done using E.LF 150 Pieces Eye shadow Palette.

Giveaway! Win a set of nails hand painted by me!

nail art giveaway beauty blog pakistan

Surprise surprise! Thank you all so much for reading my blog. And now for your loyalty I'm having a small giveaway. It's my first giveaway (I don't know why I didn't do this before) so I'm very VERY excited. The giveaway is for Pakistan only (sorry my international friends!). The giveaway is on my Facebook page here. Do enter it, get your friends to enter it and I wish you good luck! ^_^


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Summer Pick-me-ups!

summer pick me ups pakistan beauty blog, St Ives revitalizing pear & soy body wash, the body shop peppermint cooling foot lotion, neutrogena visibly clear pore & shine, color studio pure matte missionary, rimmel salon pro hip hop, stageline tangerine

Hey there! How's the heat treating you? As I was trying to beat the heat these past few days, these are some things that have been picking up my mood.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summer Haul: Scarves & Sneakers

Hey everyone! Happy Ramadan to all! It's extremely hot today, hope everyone's fast is going well.

So my exams are done. It's actually been a week, but I couldn't post because my house was being re-painted. My bedroom walls are coral now (yayyy!), but will show you that in another post. For now I have to show you some things I bought recently. I confess, I've been shopping during my exams.

pakistan maxi visoce hijab scarf cute sneakers, pakistani beauty blog

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette!

Hey everybody! How are my fabulous readers doing? I'm sorry for being away the entire last month, I had my exams. I have one more left, but it isn't that difficult so I thought of squeezing in one little post before start studying. I had planned on writing yesterday, but I was toooo exhausted from my 5 hour long exam! Yes, 5 hours! It's as scary and exhausting as it sounds.

E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette review swatches pakistan beauty blog

Saturday, 2 May 2015

My skin loves St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub!

st ives oatmeal scrub for dry skin pakistan review
If you've been following up with my monthly empties post, you'd know how badly I've wanted a moisturizing and deep cleaning scrub for my normal/dry skin. I guess I've finally found it!

Essence Grey To Be Here + Manicure

Essence color & go grey to be here nail polish swatches review pakistan

Hey everybody! Hope you're having a great weekend and beating the heat. I have my exams coming up in 2 weeks. This semester is the worst for me 'cause it's so hot and gets hotter during the exams. God help me!

If you remember a while back Essence Cosmetics sent me this lovely goody bag just for entering a nail art competition and it was the first time I tried out their products. Essence Color & Go nail polish in Grey To Be Here was in the bag and just recently I tried it and loved the color!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wet 'n Wild Think Pink & Rosebud Megalast Lip Colors

Hey beauties! Finally I'm hopping on the Wet 'N Wild lipstick bandwagon and let me just say I love these! Megalast lipsticks have a brilliant formula. So, what made me try these out? Well, they were on sale at for PKR 380 and without any second thoughts I instantly placed my order. The last time they were instock, I made the mistake of thinking twice and went out of stock within the week. The next time you see them instock at J4G, you buy them. Okie?
wet n wild megalast lip color price pakistan think pink rosebud swatches review
Left: Think Pink, Right: Rosebud

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dry Skin Diary - From Winter To Summer

It's always hard to find hydrating skin care products that do not leave a greasy residue. If you have normal/dry skin like me, you'll know that even during the humid, sweaty months of april, may and all the way to september, our dry skin still feels tight. And what for we do about deep cleansing? All the deep cleansing masks are targeted towards oily skin types. Don't we deserve deep cleansing?

Yes, we do! So how does on with dry skin transition from winter to summer? You just need to shuffle up a couple of your skin care products.

Bye Bye, Dry Hair!

Hey everybody! Hope you're having a great day. So, I've been changing shampoos and conditioner for a while now and finally found the perfect, dryness fighting combination for my hair!

L'Oreal elvive hair oil, vatika olive oil, schwarzkopf gliss shampoo and conditioner

I've always only used coconut oil to deep condition my hair. I read that olive oil is better for winters, so this winter I picked up Vatika Olive Oil. It's 10 times better than coconut oil! It smells lovely and feels luxurious during application. It washes off easily and leaves my hair INCREDIBLY smooth, shiny and easy to manage! It fought off the winter dryness really well. I use it once a week.

Friday, 3 April 2015

A Budget Setting Powder For Dry Skin

I'm sure the title says it all! The people over at Essence sent me this goodie bag for entering a nail art competition and Essence Mattifying Compact Powder was inside. Honestly, I'd never tried a setting powder before this 'cause I always thought it would my skin look drier. But I'm so happy I found this magical pan filled with powder!

So, it was last saturday when I used this powder for the first time. I had to attend a long event and dusted this baby on my face whilst not expecting much. I'd didn't emPhasize the dryness on my face, the shade 'soft tan' was a perfect match and actually looked really natural!

I left at 3pm and packed a bag full of makeup 'cause I was sure I'd need touching up. But, boy was I wrong! My makeup, including my blush which always always fades on me, stayed in place when by the time I got home, around 9:30 pm!

The texture of the powder is really smooth, applies flawlessly, doesn't cling to the dry patches on my skin and the shade 'soft tan' matches my skin tone really well. Best of all, makes my makeup last. The compact has 12g of product and sold at PKR 530. A bargain? Absolutely! Never leaving my house without it.

Have you tried this powder from Essence? What was your experience?


Girly Plaid Nails

pakistani nail art blogger, girly plaid nail art tutorialpakistani nail art blogger, girly plaid nail art tutorial

Long time, no nails! Here's a cute, girly plaid print, inspired by my PJs :-P. Don't pale peach and purple look beautiful together?

The Body Shop Bases

the body shop all in one bb cream highlighter instablur primer review price pakistan

Hey lovelies! Is your skin dull and needs some brightening? Do you need some light-weight coverage or need to block out those pores? Don't worry because The Body Shop has you covered. There's a base for every need and in this post I will be reviewing 3 of them.

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