Thursday, 3 November 2016

4-Day Trip to Islamabad + Haul

Hey everyone! I just could not fit in my schedule to blog or keep up with my store. Or see my family. Or eat or sleep. I was extremely occupied with my fashion portfolio. So much that I ended up destroying my health (I am obsessive that way). The dehydration was getting to me and I almost missed my trip to Islamabad. But I gathered my strength and I did it. I packed and tagged along with my sister to Islamabad.

Jewelry store at Lok Virsa

At Monal Restaurant, Margalla Hills
At Lok Virsa, outside the museum

First off, the Careem service at Islamabad is really awful. They don't know of or never been to the famous places like The Monument, Monal Restaurant, etc. Or maybe they were playing dumb so they could build up the fare. If the driver knew which way was up, the navigation would be all wrong. Like when we were headed to Lake View Park, the navigation took us to Rawal Dam instead. Anyway, the local taxi was better and cheaper. They will ask for double the fare, so remember to agree to half the amount they ask for.

F-9 Park

Inside F-9 Children's Park

Secondly, Islamabad is beautiful! The pine cone trees, Margalla Hills everywhere you look and the amount of cleanliness! It the was the perfect place to be for the stress-out me. I loved walking about on the streets and the parks. But a word of caution, you will be stared at, A LOT.

Lake View Park

Rawal Lake
Bird Park, inside Lake View Park

Thirdly, keep cash with you, especially if you go to Lok Virsa. They have beautiful, cultural clothing and jewelry on sale but a real shortage of ATMs. I know you can find similar stuff here in Karachi too, but they were actually lesser priced and had a better variety.

In the 4-days time, we visited Lok Virsa, Margalla Hills and Lake View Park (plus the Rawal Dam) and F-9 park, shopped at Jinnah Super, Centaurus and Safa Gold Mall, and ate at Tayto (Centaurus Mall), Monal Restaurant and Ramada Hotel (where I also attended my sister's training session :-P).

The stuff I got:

Vintage Bracelet - From  F-7 Jinnah Super
Silver ring with turquoise - From Lok Virsa

Blue Lazer Cut Heels - from Hobo by Hub at Centaurus Mall
Clutch - From Lok Virsa

Canson Motval Watercolor Sketchbook - from Saeed Book Bank at F-7 Jinnah Super
Pocket Impressionists - from Reader's Club at Centaurus Mall

Next time I go, I'll definitely keep more luggage space and bring a bunch of those sketchbooks from Saeed Book Bank and that gorgeous jewellery and definitely spend more time with those birds and ponies at Lake View Park.

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P.S. The pink scarf I'm wearing is from Zaynah.


  1. Islamabad is indeed beautiful and very relaxing. You got very pretty things ☺

  2. I am glad you had a great time here in Islamabad Jabeen =)

    Fatemah Sajwani | What Fatemah Says

  3. Really enjoyed your post. Ill be going there for a day two days from now ☺

  4. What an awesome mini-vacation. Your pictures are so pretty!
    Also love your haul. I have a couple really cute shoes from Hobo By Hub that always get me compliments.


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