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I'm an introverted and super lazy girl living in Karachi, Pakistan. I started this blog with my love for nail art and that has led to rediscovering my passion for designing and painting in 2016 - something that I forgot along the way. So, I haven't pursued the line of career that I have a bachelor's degree in. I finished my diploma in fashion design from Karachi School of Art this year and now I'm just trying to make something of myself in the art and fashion industry.

Apart from that, I like to read novels - fantasy, realistic fiction and sometimes historical fiction. I love baked food and desserts. Baked pasta and apple pies are my favorite. I do bake occasionally.

Thank you all for reading my blog, even when I haven't been so regular and committed to this blog. Your support means everything. I am trying to get fix my routine and life and get back to blogging.

If you want to ask me something, do a guest post, review your brand or if you have any requests, you can email me at jaybeesjournal@outlook.com.

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You can support and purchase my art at my Red Bubble store. I do take commissions. Either email me at j.qadri@outlook.com or just visit my Fiverr.

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