Friday, 22 April 2016

Yeah, I painted

Hey everyone! Jumma mubarak to all and Happy Earth Day as well. Please take care of our planet Earth, throw thrash in the bin (it's always nearby, you just need to stand up and look) and conserve water and electricity.

On another note, I finally painted! It wasn't an assignment or anything. It was actually for Youth Arts & Literary Exhibition, which i didn't win but who cares! I finally painted and I'm so proud of myself :'D

Me with my beautiful painting

I had this really beautiful photograph of these apartment galleries at Burns Road, Saddar and I decided to paint that. I wish I knew who the photographer was so i could give him credit. The medium I used was soft pastels and I spent like a week making it 'cause I was sooooo exhausted after my mid-term display and I got sick as well due to that. I actually considered not making it and leaving it halfway but then I realised that that's what I've been doing. Leaving things. And then blaming everyone else for it. NOT DOING THAT ANYMORE!

So I sprawled all the soft pastels and myself across my father's office and 1 week later my painting was done and everyone at home was like 'Oh my God Jabeen! You made this??' and I was like 'Pshaw. Yeah. It's a piece of cake.'

Well, hello there beautiful painting. How goes the day?
Youth Arts & Literary Exhibition was a 2 day event held at Beach Luxury. It's a great event to attend if you're into writing and arts and all that jazz. Like there's a short story competition that my sister participated in and got short listed :-D aaaand we met Ali Sethi!!! And my sister actually spoke to him and he guided her and advised her about writing and stuff, whilst I stared at him like an idiot ^_^.
Have a great weekend!

My painting "Looking up Burns Road" is available for sale. Email me at if you're interested.


  1. I'm so impressed with your painting skills girl! xx
    P.S. you look awesome ;)


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