Sunday, 30 August 2015

P.S. I'll Bake You - Yummilicious Cakery!

Hey there! We've all ordered beautifully decorated, delicious looking cakes from local and online bakeries, only to have our hearts ripped out when they taste like garbage! Okay, that's a bit extreme. But to me cake is important. Very important. I LOVE cake! And it saddens me greatly when a cake looks so good but tastes so bad. That's not what the art of baking is at all.

I thanked the baking gods when I tasted these cakes from P.S. I'll Bake You. The online bakery is owned by my sister's friend and she is amazingly talented! The cakes tastes so good, they will blow your brains out!! (too disgusting?)

Okay, I'm being too weird. Let's move on to the cakes we got from P.S. I'll Bake You.

This is the cake we got for my sister's birthday.

Jordana Eye Glam Cream Eyeshadow in Sapphire Stone + Blue Smokey Eye

Hello beautiful ladies! Hope your week went well! I had the worst 2 weeks ever. I was extremely sick. I couldn't even sit up straight. Thank God I'm back to normal! :-(

Sorry for the downer beginning of today's blog! ^_^ Today I bring you an amazing drugstore cream eyeshadow from Jordana.

Jordana Eye Glam Cream Eyeshadow in Sapphire Stone review swatches pakistan, Blue Smokey Eye,

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Eye Love - Jordana Prolong Purple Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil

pakistani beauty blog, jordana review pakistan, jordana made to last eye shadow pencil prolong purple review swatches

Hey beauties! I know the entire world obsesses over 2 cream shadows, Maybelline Color Tattoo and NYX Jumbo Pencil. Here I bring you another, just as good cream shadow, that's less expensive!

Azadi Nails & Outfit

Hey all! A very happy belated Independence Day to all my Pakistani readers! <3 nbsp="" p="">
In my uni we celebrate the day on the 13th of August. This is what I wore.

green nail art outfit 14th august

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Just Another Day At The Mall

Hello again my favorite people! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty tiresome. In fact my entire week was tiresome. Firstly, me uni just started in full swing :-( Then it was my best friend's wedding (I'm sure you've seen a dozen pictures on my instagram ^_^). I spent my Saturday relaxin' at Dolmen City Mall, which is my sisters' and my favorite hangout. We go there so much I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get tired of that place soon. This is what I wore:

pakistani beauty blog, hijab outfit pakistan, scarves pakistan, outfitters pakistan, stylo pakistan
The picture was taken by my sister Niveen Qadri with her iPhone 5.

Top: Outfitters Pakistan (PKR 1000 on sale, PKR1900 originally)
Jeans: Zara UK
Bag: Clark's UK
Loafers: Stylo (Around PKR 1000)
Scarf: Beige Viscose from Outfitters Pakistan (PKR 700 on sale, PKR 900 originally)

The UK stuff was brought by my sister from UK, so I have no clue about the prices ^_^. Hope you guys like the post!

Have a happy Monday!

How I Store My Scarves/Dupattas

Hello dear readers! Let's start with a little story. I'm a university going student. If you've gone to uni you'll know how hectic the entire predicament is. I barely get time to keep my room clean. From Monday to Friday my clothes are piled up on my bed or my study table. Then on the weekends they get stuffed inside my closet. Only during vacations do I get the time to clean out my closet. But you want to know the one thing that's organized? My scarves and dupattas (maxi scarves). Today I'll show you how.

storing scarves dupattas hijabs, pakistani beauty blog

Piling up scarves is not the best way to store them. Because they are so soft and slippery that a pile will never hold up it's shape. It will keep messing up. Than there's the issue to locate them. It will take me around 3 minutes to find a particular scarf in the morning and re-pile them. And since 3 minutes morning time = 15 minutes regular time, piling is such a waste of time!

I came up with this great solution! Just take a regular hanger from your closet. And tie up your scarves as shown below.

storing scarves dupattas hijabs, pakistani beauty blog

You just need to make a loop, bring the scarf inside it and pull. I really hope you found this useful!

P.S. The pictures were taken before my walls were re-painted. Hence the non-coral, ugliness.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

The new Essence Eyebrow Gel

Hey beauties! Hope you're all well. So turns out, I had no classes all week! Don't know what's up with my department. I only went on Thursday and had only 1 class with just 2 students. Even my van ditched me. I guess it's 'cause of the rain. Hopefully everything will get back to normal from Monday, so be ready for some outfit posts!

The new Essence Eyebrow Gel review swatches pakistan

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