Sunday, 22 February 2015

NYX Cherry Pie Butter Gloss - My Love!

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Nyx butter gloss, how am I to describe my love for you in a single blog post? You are, hands down, the perfect lip gloss for me. I love you so much that I clearly went overboard with your pictures. But, you're so worth it. 

How gorgeous is a viscose scarf!

Viscose maxi hijab scarf

Hey cuties! This is going to be a short one.

This beautiful viscose scarf that you see before was gifted to my sister by her Chinese friend. It was the day that I wore my beige shirt with orange embroidery that I thought about wearing this viscose scarf as a hijab and OH MY GOD, I was stunned! Viscose scarf is seriously the best combination of a cotton and chiffon scarf. It stays in place and is comfortable to wear like a good ol' cotton scarf, and it falls and drapes beautifully like a chiffon.However it doesn't feel itchy and isn't see through like chiffon and doesn't make you sweat like crazy like a cotton scarf does. So, it's really the best of both worlds this viscose scarf and I'm really going to get more of these. Internationally, you can find these easily at any store. Sadly, I haven't seen them in any local stores but I have online at (a Facebook store), Ali Express and Born Pretty Store. ones are out of stock at the moment. I will be placing my order as soon as they are back in stock and will be sharing them with you.

Have a lovely day!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Bear Hug Tutorial

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Hey again! ^_^ Here's the second and the last tutorial. I'll try to do more next year, it's just that I have sooo many assignments this semester, around 5 per week and they take so much of my energy. Hope you guys like this one, I actually like it better than the last ^_^. Again, my topcoat ruined the design.. arghh! Note to self: Get a decent topcoat! The design I did is a teddy bear with a heart shaped tummy and holding a heart shaped balloon. I used a stripper brush to create the pinstripes on the rest of my nails. Lately, I've been loving pinstripes but polka dots would cute too.

Powerpuff Hearts Tutorial

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Hey all! Hope you all had a great week! Doing special v-day nail art has been a tradition between and my friends for quite some time, and before that we used to share cards and gifts. Obviously, I like the nail art one better ^_^. I have 2 nail art tutorials for you all, I hope you try 'em out and do let me know you if do! The first one is inspired by the hearts you see before the end-credits of the ever-famous cartoon show, The Powerpuff Girls. The design is a bit smudged, thanks to my topcoat.

Monday, 9 February 2015

A Soap & Glory Haul

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A friend of my sister's was coming to karachi from uk, so we took the opportunity to get some pink packaged goodies from boots :-D There is a 3 for 2 offer on all Soap & Glory products at boots, so when you get 3 items, you only need to pay for 2 and the 3rd one (the cheapest) goes free! So while I got worth of GBP 84/PKR 12k items, I paid GBP 64/10k , which is a pretty great deal for 8 full sized products!

January '15 Empties

Hey beautifuls girls! Welcome to the first empties post of 2015! and welcome to the fact that for the time ever my empties post is right on time! :-D (I must be getting good at this blogging stuff :-P). In January, I emptied out a lot of products I see myself re-purchasing. But not the scrub though, that department is just jinxed. Jinxed, I tell you!

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