Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pakistani Nail Polish Brands

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Hello everyone! Hope you're having a nice day. ^_^

I decided to put together this list of the nail polishes that are produced in Pakistan. Instead on spending so much money by buying nail colors from MAC, Maybelline, Rimmel and the like, sometimes we should show some patriotism and buy nail polishes produced in our own country. Being a nail art geek I always need so many colors and getting local polishes is very pocket friendly. They're actually pretty good. Here's the list.

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Lacquer Legion - Reinvention

 Hey girls! I have seen all nail bloggers taking part in challenges. However, they required too much commitment. I'm not even sure if I can post a manicure once every week now that my university has started. I came across this challenge at Chalkboard Nails and I thought huraahhh! Just a single mani for an entire month. Perfect for me ^_^ and today is the day to post the design.

So the theme for this month is 'Reinvention'. I re-created on of my own designs that I did when I discovered my obsession for pretty nails. ^_^ This is the one I created.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

"The Great Expectations" Tag

Pakistani nail art, beauty and lifestyle blog

Hello pretty ladies! Some days back I got this really wonderful surprise. I had been tagged by Bia from The Beauty Finds! Eeeee my very first tag. :D Thank you so much Bia for remembering me and giving me a special tag <3 xx. This tag is about expectations, something I'm always low on. Continue at your own risk. This will be full of a lot of blabber!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Nails Of The Day - First Day Of New Semester

Hello! Hope you all are doing well and looking gorgeous. ^_^

New semester at my university started yesterday. My favorite thing about uni is matching my nails with my outfits! I went along with the Pantone color of the year "Radiant Orchid", and paired a black and white lined top with creamy purple pants. Here are the nails I did to go along with my outfit. :)

Simple Nail Art Design, Pakistani Nail Art, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog
My Nails Of The Day

It hardly took me 10 minutes to create this in the morning. I love simple nail designs that I can do quickly in the morning. I did this design with a striper brush and dotting tools.

Hope you liked this real quick post! Thank you so much for reading ^_^

Much love,

Turning 21

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It was my birthday on 15th January. Yayyy I'm 21!! :D Self obsessed much? No, I'm not celebrating my birthday here. I've actually been a little tiny bit sad over the part where I crossed another year and not accomplishing anything major. I'm still in my undergraduate. I'm still working on developing a habit to pray 5 times-a-day. My GPA has decreased *very sensitive topic*. I still have blackheads on my nose, puffy eyes, dry cuticles.. and the list goes on.  Before going to bed yesterday I decided to put the negativity behind and focus on the good that has happened while I was 20. Warning: This may get a little sentimental.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Polished Review and Swatches - Rimmel London Salon Pro Cocktail Passion

Rimmel London Salon Pro in Cocktail Passion Polished Review and Swatches

Hello! I have another polished review here girls! This time I have the ever so famous Rimmel London with the Salon Pro collection they released last year which claims to have a gel-like finish and last upto 10 days without chipping. The color I have is called 'Cocktail Passion'. It's a yummilicious pinkish coral color and I absolutely love it <3. Keep reading for a polished review on this baby.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tips For Prettier Lips This Winter

lip care dry skin winter
Hi girls! Enjoying the cold? I'm not. I don't like winters. My skin gets so dry and flaky, it's just disgusting. On the brighter side, winter is the perfect time for me to experiment with some home remedies. Anyway,  I thought this would be the perfect time to share some lip care tips with you all while winter lasts. Hope you find them useful and helps you out. ^_^

The skin on our lips is the most sensitive and gets even more sensitive in winters. Your lips are calling out for your attention by flaking and possibly bleeding. They need you! Fear not, as I have shared some tips below, which may be common to a whole lot of us but still news to the majority of young girls.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Book Intro: Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

Hey girls!

My nails look a little unclean from that grey and black checkered nail tutorial yesterday. I've been wearing polish a lot lately so I thought of giving my nails a break from polish for a few days and blog about something else. I thought I'd share a little book intro of this fantastic Australian novel I read last year. It's titled 'Graffiti Moon' and written by Cath Crowley. There's ambition, love and some craziness. It's not your average 'girl falls in love with rude boy or vampire' book. A really different and artsy lifestyle has been portrayed. It has to be my favorite book young adult contemporary novel. Keep reading to know more. ^_^

Saturday, 4 January 2014

How To Do Checkerboard Nails - Nail Art Tutorial


Hello girlies! ^_^

It felt like a tutorial day today! When I think of 'checkerboard' the colors black and white pop up in my head. But since it's winter I went for my favorite winter color; grey. I tried to make it easy but I've added alooot of boxes. So make sure to read below the photos if you are a beginner. Have fun :)

Friday, 3 January 2014

Black Tribal Jumper Nails


Hello lovely ladies! I have this tribal printed sweater which used to be my mom's. It was just lying there and it inspired me to create jumber + tribal printed nails. I wasn't much of a fan of tribal nail design before but I sure am now. I really liked doing this one. It's fun to try out different patterns and get inspirations from your home and wardrobe. ^_^

MUA Nail Varnish in Strawberry Cream - Swatches

Makeup Academy MUA Nail Varnish Strawberry Cream Swatches
Hey hey! Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! I don't have alot of resolutions so I didn't create a separate post for that. I've been a very BAD blogger last year. I didn't post for quite a long time. But from this year onwards I'm planning to post regulary until my holidays last and atleast 3 times a week while my university is on. A facebook fan page for my blog might come along soon. I have also categorized and arranged everything that I want on this space here (That's how I function. I have OCD :p). So please have some faith in my little blog. :)

I have some Makeup Academy Nail Varnish swatches here for you. The color is called 'Strawberry Cream'. A pretty barbie pink that all girls drool over. I used two coats in the swatches and didn't apply a topcoat. Enjoy! ^_^

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