Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Nails of The Day - Purple Paris

Hello lovelies!

It was a great nail art day for me today. It was my first attempt at the Eiffle Tower, and I somehow made one after using 3 to 4 different brushes. I found the perfect brush and technique. The secrets shall be revealed here soon! ^_^ I had a Valima (wedding reception) to attend. I wore a dark purple dress. I normally go for the classic red nails on formal occasions, but the experimenting juices were flowing and I went for the mani instead. :)

Monday, 30 December 2013

My Favorites of 2013

Hello my beautiful readers. I hope you're doing good and busy making plans for the new year. I wasn't planning on coming out with a 'Favorites of 2013' post but a fellow blogger, Bia from The Beauty Finds, asked me about it and I thought what the hey! I am a beauty blogger primarily. So there I was grabbing my favorites of the year, throwing them on my bed and snapping away. Keep reading as I share my favorite beauty and skin care products of 2013. ^_^

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Girlie New Year Nails

Girly New Year Nails

Hi my lovelies!

I'm here with a girly version of new year nails, as promised. I like this one so much better than the previous one. It's cuter and cleaner. I'm going to enter this one to Nail Art Ideas Linkup (check my side bar for more information). Keep reading. ^_^

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Books I Read in 2013

Hi beauties!

When I'm not lacquering, I'm probably reading a book. I dedicate this post to my book reading habit.

In the beginning of this year I discovered Good Reads app. It basically recommends you books judging by the books you have already read and rated. You can categorize or 'shelf' books and then rate and review them when you are done. You can also log onto the website to get the full experience; join groups, take quizes, start a reading challenge, share quotes, etc. A book reader should be using this website. It makes searching for books a whole lot easier! If you are on Good Reads, view me here and say hello ^_^.

When I started using the app and website, it ignited the book reading maniac in me. The app and website is a real happy place for me. I set a reading challenge of 15 books for this year and I achieved it around october. Here are the books I read according to genre. 

New Year Fireworks Nails

Hello my readers!

2014 is just around the corner. Can you believe that another year went by of your life and you are one year closer to death? Bad joke :D I'm not good on the resolutions but I'm always excited when a new year starts because I have my birthday in January ^_^. I created a new year's design and wanted to share it with you all.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Nominated for Liebstar Award!

Surprise surprise!

I'm nominated for the Liebstar Blog Award! Yayy me! :D I can barely contain my happiness! Loads for thanks to Karolina from http://rolessummerfling.blogspot.com for even visiting my blog, let alone nominating me! Thanks a million Karolina.

This award is basically for bloggers who have few followers but offering creative content. It's a great chance for bloggers to get some recognition. The best part is, there is no grand finale announcement of the winner. When you get nominated you have won! Liebster is a german word, which means creative, unique, etc. This is how it goes:

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Intense Plum - Polished Review and Swatches

*I am sorry about this picture. The quality became really awful after uploading to blogger. I have no idea what's happening -.-

Hey my lovely readers!
This is going to my very first nail polish review and swatch. I am going to call it 'Polished Review' and give some 'Polish Points' out of a total of 5 to the nail polishes that I will review here. I hope you like it and have a polished great time reading it and share with your polished friends.. ok this is getting lame. Let's just begin.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Nail Art Tutorial - How to Make a Bumble Bee

Hello beauties! Buzz buzz..

I have a buzzy bumble bee nail tutorial for you today. Hope you find it easy and try it out. I had a fun time creating it. I've had this post in the drafts for soooo long. I was waiting for spring to post it. Then today I thought what the hey! So I'm finally posting it. ^_^

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Homemade Whitening Scrub+Mask for Winters

Hey beauties,
Today in my journal I'm sharing a homemade skin remedy. It's a honey and lemon whitening scrub+mask. I've used alot in winters in the past. And since winters are here I thought of sharing it. 

But first, my sad story...

Ever since my university has started I'm suffering from intense sun exposure. In the beginning I wasn't using any kind of sun protection lotion so my skin got really tanned. I mean REALLY tanned. I had never been that shade of grey and red before. I started using a sunblock by Nivea. The redness was a whole lot better, but my skin had lost the glow. I'm a believer in homemade remedies so I tried out some things. This scrub+mask was the best. My skin got softer and my complexion back to normal. My classmates even noticed and asked me the secret, you know like in those fairness cream ads? :3

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Easy Snowman Nails

Hey everyone! 

My exams are finally over and I have my winter break. Yayy :D Which means i'll be posting alot more.

I did these nails this morning. They are actually inspired by my sister's hoodie. It's a really easy design for winter. I made it in around 10 minutes. It's a perfect design if you're using a toothpick since the dots are meant to be irregular. If you are using a dotting tool, mess up the perfect dot by creating more dots together.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Snowflakes + Nail Art Ideas Linkup + Technic Nail Art Polishes

Hello lovelies.

First thing's first, I changed the theme of my blog! :D Yaayyy *Cheers*
It took me alot of researching, tutorials, editing and HTML coding. It's a good thing I studied HTML at school otherwise the whole thing would have been a pain. I chose my favorite color combination for my new blog theme; grey, turquoise and coral. There are some things I still need to add/change. Hopefully after my exams I will. (Yes I'm changing themes during exams :3)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Pink Winter Nails

Hey everyone!

I don't know why but pink and white looks like winter to me. So I added a barren tree and some rhinestones and voila! Pink winter nails. ^_^ I think using silver instead of white would be a prettier look.

Stuff I used

I did the branches with a brush. If you do not have a nail art brush or nail art polishes it's no big deal. You can always use a toothpick. You just need to keep dipping the toothpick in polish again and again. I don't have that rhinestone wheel thing so I used those phone case decorating stickers. I removed the sticky part from them before starting because it looks untidy.


Step 1 - Paint your ring finger white and the rest pink.

Step 2 - Make a curvy line on your ring finger.

Step 3 - Add 2 or 3 branches depending on your nail size. Don't overdo the number of branches and don't worry if it gets messy. You'll add rhinestones and topcoat to fix that.

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 for your thumb. You might wanna add one more branch to your thumb.

Step 5 - Put a small drop of topcoat and lightly place the rhinestone on it. It'll fix really well once the topcoat dries up. Again, don't overdo the number of rhinestones. I left 2 branches without a rhinestone.

Step 6 - Repeat step 5 for your thumb.

Add 2 coats of topcoat, letting it dry between each coat and your done!

You can make trees on the other nails too, add some silver glitter, anything that's wintery. Don't worry much about the rhinestones. I promise they won't come off. :)

Byesies and take care,

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