Thursday, 16 February 2017

Sugar Coated Body Scrub from Scoop o Scrub

Hey y'all! This review is long LONG over-due. So I'm just gonna get right into it.

I'm totally nuts for organic skin care products but companies like LUSH and Boots Botanics don't exist here and The Body Shop is a big question mark. And then one day Areej started this store of homemade body scrubs and I knew I had to have it. I grabbed on at the Bohemian Crunch last year and surprise surprise! I LURVE IT!

The scrub is exactly what I needed. The brown sugar holds well with the coconut oil and doesn't disperse instantly. It's coarse enough to buff your skin well but it's not at all harsh. Plus the oil leaves my skin soft. When I'm feeling lazy, I skip moisturiser. The smell is wonderful and refreshing. This scrub and St. Ives body washes is all that I've been using and my sun tan and damage from university has definitely lessened.

I confess, I don't use it regularly. Even if you did, it would easily last 2-3 months. There's often shelf life issue when it comes to organic products, but Scoop-o-Scrub ticks off that box too. I've had this baby for about 10 months now and it's still great. But, you do need to avoid getting water drops inside the scrub.

Lastly, I would definitely like to praise Areej for working so hard on the packaging. It's totally adorable! Exactly like those diy scrubs you see on Pinterest. Plus, it comes with usage instructions. Yayy!

You all can check out the Facebook store here. I got this 200g jar for PKR 500 or something and I think that's absolutely worth it! There are a lot more scrubs at the store now and I'm totally getting some more for summer!

Have a great thursday!

*Disclaimer* I wasn't paid to write this review. This product was purchased by me and my review is 100% honest.


  1. it's been a while since i last visited your blog - love the photography and these scrubs! completely agree with you on the packaging - <3

  2. I have always loved the packaging of the brand and an organic sugar scrub always sounds good to me. :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ


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