Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Khaadi sale plus my turban hijab

Hey everyone! How is the sale season treating you? Let me share my little experience. Over the weekend I went to the the mega Khaadi sale. Even though lately I haven't been buying Khaadi ('cause you know) I just tagged along with my sister. 

First, I couldn't even check out the stitched shirts because there were such civilised ladies there. I mean, hitting me and snatching shirts from my hand. It wasn't even that good a sale to be pushing and hurting people around you.

Looking totally normal, I think

My totally annoyed face inside Khaadi

And there it was, the stares. Like, all the crazy ladies snatching outfits from each other and could still spare a good 5 seconds to stare at me.  I guess I look like an alien when I wear a turban hijab. I choose a bad day to put it on. Plus, I was wearing harem pants. So it was like stare me up and down kind of situation. It is a total no-no to have your own style of clothes and not be a part of the latest 'trend'. 

We got like 5 unstitched dresses. I'm actually making textile prints myself now, so I've started to notice the faults in and quality of prints available in the market. And I have to say Khaadi isn't doing as good as it was with it's prints.

What are your thoughts?


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