Friday, 10 June 2016

How to ease into wearing bold lipsticks

Hey beauties! So, 5 years ago I remember putting on my first lipstick and thinking 'Eww! It's so yucky and overly creamy! It's probably expired'. I just couldn't stand the weight. Also, my lips are extremely dry so the colour clang to the dry flaky parts. It was an ugly mess. The lipstick was tossed into trash and an oath was taken to never wear lipstick again. 5 years on, I'm wearing full-on vampy lipsticks. And this is how it happened.

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1) Lip stains

MUA Kiss Proof and NYC Smooch Proof 16H, these were the two lipstains I would wear. They lasted all day long and made me get accustomed to wearing color on my lips.

2) Lip liners

I would totally wear lipliners like matte lip colors 'cause at that time I had no knowledge of the existence of matte lipsticks. You can barely feel 'em on your lips and yet they look fabulous! The two lip liners I love are Jordana Easy Liner and Rimmel 1000 Kisses. They both are a dream to apply and last really well.

3) Pigmented lip gloss

Color Studio Haute Lip Gloss and NYX Butter Gloss, these two are great for those who have dry, flaky lips like mine. They are pigmented, give a gorgeous, translucent sheen without the crazy glitter and they leave lips smooth. As if you were a lip balm the whole time. AND they don't feel too creamy. Yayy!

So if you're feeling a little weird putting on a bright red or purple lipstick, why not wear a lipgloss/liner/stain instead?

4) Blot it out

When you start wearing the lipstick eventually, always blot our lips with some tissue paper. It'll help to make your lip color more natural and less attention grabbing.

5) Be confident

Whatever you wear, just feel confident in it. Because you're only doing it to make yourself happy and shouldn't care what others think ^_^.

Hope you all found this post useful! 

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