Friday, 20 May 2016

Stageline Matte Topcoat

Hey dolls! Haven't been feeling like blogging but now I'm back for good and I plan on blogging everyday Inshallah. Hope you all have been well. Father of a good friend of mine has been diagnosed with tongue cancer. I request you all to please pray for him and all those fighting cancer everyday.

stageline matte top coat swatches review pakistan

If I could name one thing that everybody asks me about, it would be matte topcoat. Yes, all your prayers will be answered as I review the most budget friendly matte topcoat out there right here, right now. It costs only Rs. 345!! Yes, you read that correctly.

stageline matte top coat swatches review pakistan

Stageline Matte Topcoat comes in the same bottle as their regular nail polish line.  The liquid inside is cloudy. The bottle does not anywhere mention that the goodness inside is of the mattifying kind which is such a bummer. So if you go a makeup store and ask the sales lady (whom we all loathe) for Stageline Matte Topcoat, she'll be like there's no such thing. Or she might hand you the regular one. The availability is the issue. You can get only get it online from I've ordered it twice and it arrives within 2 to 3 days.

stageline matte top coat swatches review pakistan

The brush is gorgeous and just how I like them. Flat and chubby. Application is smooth. For the perfect smooth finish, please apply a regular topcoat to smooth out your nail polish.

Now, of course there's a downside with Stageline Matte Topcoat, like with all other affordable products. The matte topcoat lacks in longitivtiy. The nails only remain perfectly matte for a day, and after that your natural oils start peeking out and ruin everything! So after 24 hours, the matte-ness starts to fade. But of course, with the false nails that I sell on my store the oil doesn't penetrate the false nails and they remain perfectly matte!

Let's see the magic in action.

stageline matte top coat swatches review pakistan

I applied the matte topcoat directly on the nail polish, without applying a regular topcoat first. See the light glossy part that's left at the tip of my middle (fake) nail? That's what happens. And you can clearly see the lines. Little white dots also appear on the nail. To avoid all this, all you need to do is apply a regular topcoat, let it dry, then apply Stageline Matte Top coat on top and enjoy the deliciousness! ^_^ (just for a day :-P)

You can shop these false nails at my store. You can shop this matte topcoat at Just4Girls here for Rs. 345.

So, are you going to try this budget-friendly beauty out?

Have a beautiful day!

*Disclaimer* This product was bought myself. My review is 100% honest and my loyalty is to my customers.

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