Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Outfit Post - Bohemian Crunch '16

Hey all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I know I did ^_^ First, I went to an art & craft fair called Bohemian Crunch, hosted by The Crafter's Guild. It was AH-MAZING! I'm so glad I went there. If you're into handmade, etsy-esque stuff, then you'd absolutely love it! Next one's going to be in August & you better not miss it 'cause I'm gonna be setting up a Bed of Nails stall :-D Yayy me *clap clap* for finally stepping out of my comfort zone!

These are the goodies that I got at the Bohemian Crunch.

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Scoop o Scrub By Areej - Rs. 500 plus free samples (Isn't the packaging totally cute?!)
Badges from Firefly - Rs. 100 each
Mini notebook from Firefly - Rs. 330
Headband from Zaynah - Rs. 250

After the Bohemian crunch, I went to the mall and met up with my best friend Maham. We had lunch and roamed around the entire mall - my favorite thing to do. She helped me get a gift for my friend who just had a baby girl ^_^ May God bless her and I CANNOT wait to see her!

So, this is what I wore.

Scarf - Beechtree Top - Stoneage Jeans Summer Jeans - ChenOne Flip Flops - Leena by Bata

Scarf - Beechtree
Top - Stoneage Jeans
Summer Jeans - ChenOne
Flip Flops - Leena by Bata

Did you attend the Bohemian Crunch? Tell me you loved it!
Have a great week!


  1. U look so chic :) and a great fresh post to read.

    So wanna try scoop o scrub .

  2. you look PERFECT!

  3. Wow.. You whole outfit is very thoughtfully put together yet it is very casual. Loved it <3

  4. you're looking fab but seriously I loved your flipflops so bright

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  5. wow you are looking beautiful in this dress and where is this bohemian crunch ? and yes i also want to share a guest post on your blog if you can allow me tell me how to contact you and provide you the article i want to share ?


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