Sunday, 27 March 2016

My Mid-term Display

Hey Beauties! Feels like just yesterday I started KSA and now I'm halfway done with the first semester ^_^ Yesterday was my mid-term display and I wanted to share it with you all.

This is what happened the night before the display: Lost my cutter and ran out of , like, my 10th tube of glue, with so many assignments still un-mounted and mood and research boards still not glued.

So more than half of my time allotted for putting up the display was occupied with the mounting and completion of my assignments, where ever glue was required. Sitting on the floor like a little murghi, my skirt in a mess, cutting up 2 inches of mounting sheet with a scissor (you don't know how hard it is without a cutter), with ugly dirt-covered feet - this was not part of my plan.

Lesson learned, I'm getting a whole carton of UHUs next time I'm grocery shopping.

As I was writing this blog, my sister found the cutter.

Fashion Illustration

My favorite course! I had little time and little-r energy left after those buck-loads of assignments, but I still I managened to make the display look presentable. My teacher loved it though; she said the separation and labelling made it look soothing to her eyes ^_^.

For the mid assignment, we were to copy 2 fashion illustrations. I picked 2 girly designs ^_^ and my teacher said I copied them amazingly well considering it was my first time and she didn't feel like decuting any marks :-D Second assignment was to construct (with guidance from the teacher) mood board and research boards on the theme 'Dark Forest.  My teacher said the research board needs to have more pictures and the model in my mood board looks as if she's falling down :-P But she liked it and I'm super dooper happy :-D

Drawing & Design

There was so much to do! Ughh.. I did my best with the display with whatever energy I had left. Throughout the semester we have covered sketching, color pencils, watercolors & soft pastels.

The big mid term assignment was the 3d illustration, themed ourselves. I picked 'Victorian' 'cause it's my favorite era in fashion history and I've read so many books and watched so many movies from that time, that I knew I could do it well. And I did :-D My teacher and everybody else loved my 3d illustration. Especially the background, that I painted with watercolors, wrote my favorite parts from Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, and then burned the edges.  And I heard that I got full marks on my 3d illustration - haven't seen it myself though I tried to peak :-P

3d Illustration on 'Victorian Fashion' 

Accessories Design

The 4 themes we worked on were Fantasy, Peacock, Fabric and last one was our own choice - I picked Bohemian.

Fantasy served on a silver platter

For Fantasy, I picked pearls, chains & wire. My colors were silver, periwinkle and purple (based on my mood board). I added a dash of tassles (made by me) and some pre-made roses.

Boho Chic

With Bohemian I went with antique chains, felt tassles and crochet, a bit of sea shells and mirrors, and loads of loads of red and mint beads. I picked typical Bohemian accessories, headpiece, bracelet with ring attached, and a tie-up belt. A fabric painted t-shirt was forced upon us :-/ and the heels were compulsory too.

Left - Peacock
Right - Fabric

With Peacock we started with a velvet clutch, made by us from scratch ^_^ Clutch-making was my favorite part of this entire course! My teacher asked us to use aluminium foil with this theme. I made some chunky stuff with that and loads of gold jewellery wire, embellised with sequins. I used more turquoise and blue and less green, as you can see.

Lastly, In fabric  we were to concentrate on hair accessories and belt. My belt was a hit among the seniors ^_^ *feeling proud* My teacher loved them, especially the bun clip, but she says I need to add some black and white print to the accessories.

So that's all! The pre-display part was just awful, but the response from my teachers really lifted my spirits and the hard work payed off! Overrall, it was a fun event and Inshallah the next display is going to amazing since I've learned alot from my mistakes ^_^

Lastly, my outfit for the day! Standing right outside KSA, looking awesome.

Have a great sunday!


  1. Great work Jabeen :)
    And I understand your emotions about mounting: its SUCKS!!!, God how I hate it :p

  2. out standing work I always adore your nail art but you are multi talented.....
    Fallen love with lady in Red & Black Umbrella one

  3. Wow being an art lover I love this whole post so much! You look beautiful too <3


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