Saturday, 28 November 2015

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Realistic fiction.. Thank you Rainbow Rowell for introducing me to this genre! Landline is a book about a couple in their 40s, fighting to the point of not speaking to each other.. sounds boring right? Well, Rainbow Rowell has an act for making ordinary, everyday life into blow-your-brains-out amazing!

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Landline is the second book I've read by Rainbow Rowell, first being Eleanor & Park. Landline is like a movie, with an open ending, that really messes with your head; was that the ending? Or is there more? Whats going to happen now? Eeeee... I need a sequel to this book!! That's what Rainbow Rowell's novels does to a person, and this book is no different.

The novel is written in third person with Georgie's point of view. Georgie is a 37 year old comedy sitcom writer, a mom to 2 girls, and wife to Neal Grafton. The age of the main characters mighty put some people off, but thats okay cause the author keeps mentioning the bits and pieces of their young lives, (how Georgie remembers them) which is quite refreshing to read and easy to connect and understand. There are 2 stories going on at the same time, along with the 'now'.

The novel starts with Georgie getting a chance to create her own show, the show she's been working on since forever with her college friend and college Seth. But that means sending the Christmas away from Neal mom and his hometown Omaha. Neal decides to leave Georgie to work and takes the girls with him to Omaha. This is where Georgie realises the truth - Neal is unhappy. He has been unhappy for a long time. He probably even hates her. He hates her for being herself, fir being a comedy sitcom writer. He never picks up his cellphone in Omaha when Georgie calls. Georgie tries the landline in her old bedroom in her moms house, and she ends up talking to Neal in 1998, thats when Neal left Georgie just a weak before christmas too, but came to propose her on the Christmas Day. At first Georgie is pretty freaked out. But then she thinks maybe this is her chance to fix things with the 1998 Neal, or.. maybe Neal shouldn't have come back at all on Christmas in 1998 to propose to her.

And then theres Seth; he's one of the causes of Neal's unhappiness. Seth acts like he owns Georgie, he acted like that before Neal came along. And Georgie actually thought she and Seth would end up together one day. Will this feeling change after 15 years?

This book had me hooked really bad. I read it at the beginning of this year and I'm still not over it. The characters are so amazing and real. You can see it all happening in your head! How the story is constantly going back and forth, it amazes me how Rowell can still keep it so interesting!

Cannot wait to read Fangirl and Attachments after my exams are done. I hereby pledge to read all books Rainbow Rowell ever writes!


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