Thursday, 8 October 2015

'Tis the season to curl! - My Hair Curling Routine

Hey girls! Hope you all are doing great ^_^ I don't know about you but I love curly hair. The moment the air starts to get dry, I reach for my hair curler for all formal events. In this post I will share my curling routine.
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The pre-curl - You need to shampoo and condition your hair well and let them air dry. No blow dryers please. We are going for soft and fluffy curls here. After your hair dry up, use a drop or 2 of L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil. It will make your hair manageable and fluffy and will protect them from the heat.

The no-time-to-curl curl- If your not up for the heat or if there's simply no time (happens to me all the time!), use L'Oreal Curl Power Mousse. This product is amazing, I tell you! While your hair is still a little damp, app the mousse, brush brush brush and then tie a french braid or 2 regular brides. Wait for 5-10 mins. And taa-daa! Instant beach-y waves. Works even with my dead straight hair!

The natural curl - I really don't like those made up, cork screw like curls. I prefer uneven, natural looking curls. For that you need a curling wand, not a rod. I have the Remington one that you see above. You can easily find one at Naheed or Imtiaz Supermarket under 10k. Babyliss, GhD, Conair, they're all amazing!

The way you do it - You need to hold it so the tip of the wand goes down. A complete vertical. Then you need to take horizontal sections of your hair and wrap them around the wand. Sometimes clock-wise, sometimes anti-clockwise. Somewhere I take more hair, then I take less. You get the picture.

The post-curl - The hairspray I swear by is L'Oreal Silk & Gloss Fixing Hairspray (I'm beginning to sound like a L'Oreal commercial). It doesn't give a crazy shiny finish and neither a matte one. The finish is so natural and my curls last a good 24 hours! I've tried this hairspray in summer as well when I had REALLY long hair and my hair held up nice and curly the entire stupid mehndi function. So yes, this hairspray is awesome!

You can find the L'Oreal stuff wherever they sell hair styling products. You can also shop them online at Hope you found this post useful!


*Disclaimer* All the products mentioned in this post were bought myself. My opinions are 100% honest and my loyalty is to my readers.


  1. I love curly hairs. Now i need L'Oreal Curl Power Mousse :)

  2. Great post dear :) Thanks for sharing

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  4. I have super straight hair and I am fond of curling my hair. This was very informative post for me. Thanks for sharing <3

  5. Nice trick. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Momina Haseeb @ ๑ Divine Smudge ๑


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