Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Go-to Peachy Smokey Look

Hey again! In the 2 years that I have blogged, I am just now sharing an eye makeup look! If there's one thing you should know about me, I'm all about subtle eye makeup. It's a peachy day time smokey sort of look and it's my go-to technique for a soft smokey eye.  It's really easy and great for beginners and teens. The look is done using E.LF 150 Pieces Eye shadow Palette.

You need:

- A medium brown shadow. It's a very easy color to find or have.
- A coral/peach shadow. You can use a coral blush instead 'cause I know peach/coral eye shadows are rare.
- An eyeliner pencil. I recommend Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Color Studio Iconic Kajal.
- A shimmery vanilla shadow or your highlighter.
- Kajal and mascara. I used Maybelline Colosal Kajal and Mascara.


1. I started the look by softly filling in my brows using the black powder from the palette.
2. I tapped peachy coral shade over my eyelid.
3. To blend the shadow out, I tapped some matte brown shadow on my crease and blended out using a fluffy brush.
4. I applied eyeliner pencil to my eye lids and lower lash line.
5. Very precisely I tapped black shadow over the eyeliner. Then I blended out the edges only.
6. Apply a shimmery vanilla shadow/highlighter to your inner corner and brow bone.
7. Finish off your look with kajal, liquid eyeliner applied very lightly (optional) and mascara.

Hope you all liked it!


  1. Very pretty and wearable look :)

  2. Yes Huda's right very wearable look! :D Thanks for posting

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  4. i totally like your brows :)

  5. Such a lovely summer time look.Very pretty xoxo

  6. Its a nice neat look for office makeup. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. It looks really pretty with your chocolate brown eyes :) I would actually recommend using creamy liner first, blend the edges like you do and then apply the lid shade because it may be hard to blend otherwise. Great tutorial! -Sadaf

  8. Such a pretty and warm look. Perfect for desi skin tones. We desis can pull off peach shades like nobody's business ;)


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