Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Eid Jewelry Haul!

Hey there beauties! Towards the end of Ramadan I know all of us are rummaging through the malls, looking for jewelry pieces, especially vibrant and colorful bangles. I thought I would make your life easier and show you some pretty stuff I got for Eid ^_^.

First up, bangles!

You know that floor at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road where they have gift stalls, rug sellers, ethnic jewelry, etc. That's where I got these gorgeous bangles from. I haven't seen them anywhere else! They were PKR 300-400 per set. That's pretty reasonable considering how unique they are.

I got this ring and bracelet from the same floor. They cost me PKR 500 together.

The HUGE yellow earrings you see there? They're from EBH. They were PKR 200. I actually wanted similar bangles I couldn't find them anywhere :-(.

The fabulous rings are from Nishat Linen. And guess what? They're just PKR 250 a piece! So me, my sister and my mom grabbed a lot of these ^_^.

The left one is dull gold and the right one is silver. I love dull gold jewelry! It has such a vintage-y gothic vibe to it.

That's it girls! Hope you found this helpful! Where will you get you're Eid jewelry from?

Happy last minute shopping!


  1. Lovely pick all jewellery is very cute but I love your bangles :).

  2. Love all the things you picked! <3 Eid Mubarak in advance! xox



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