Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summer Haul: Scarves & Sneakers

Hey everyone! Happy Ramadan to all! It's extremely hot today, hope everyone's fast is going well.

So my exams are done. It's actually been a week, but I couldn't post because my house was being re-painted. My bedroom walls are coral now (yayyy!), but will show you that in another post. For now I have to show you some things I bought recently. I confess, I've been shopping during my exams.

pakistan maxi visoce hijab scarf cute sneakers, pakistani beauty blog

These are the 3 scarves I got. The left pink and blue one is from the store Beach Tree. It's a maxi viscose scarf, just what I needed. The store was filled with gorgeous scarves. This was the first time I went to the store and I will be going there again. They had a great variety of trousers and tops as well. The scarf cost PKR 700.

The one at the top, with the cheetah print is from Nishat Linen. The scarf is made of pashmina type material; it;s very warm so I will not be wearing it before October. This is my second one from Nishat. I really like their scarves but I wish they a summer collection. They all are really warm. This scarf was priced at PKR 900 but I got it on sale for PKR 700.

The right, beige one is from Outfitters. Last time I checked they only had those tiny cotton scarves, but as it turns out the shop is filled with gorgeous, maxi viscose and chiffon scarves. This one is a maxi viscose and it's a lovely basic color. I have a feeling this is oing to be my go-to scarf. It was worth PKR 990 but I got it on sale for PKR 600. Yayy me!

pakistan maxi visoce hijab scarf cute sneakers, pakistani beauty blog

I love my new sneakers! Both of them are from Bata North Star. The left one was PKR 2200 and the right one was PKR 2000. I will be wearing these A LOT during summer. You can check these out on here and here.

Hope you guys liked my little haul post! Stay tuned for some eye looks. Have a great fast and stay healthy. May Allah shower his blessings on all of us.



  1. Sneakers <3 and specially the floral print one.

  2. LOVE those sneakers! LOVELOVELOVE florals. AMAZING picks <3 xo N

  3. Happy ramadan.. loving your pink scarf :)

  4. Love those summery scarfs. And sneakers are too cute :)


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