Tuesday, 9 June 2015

E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette!

Hey everybody! How are my fabulous readers doing? I'm sorry for being away the entire last month, I had my exams. I have one more left, but it isn't that difficult so I thought of squeezing in one little post before start studying. I had planned on writing yesterday, but I was toooo exhausted from my 5 hour long exam! Yes, 5 hours! It's as scary and exhausting as it sounds.

E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette review swatches pakistan beauty blog

I was sent this palette on Friday from Just4Girls.pk and it was sort of the highlight of my week ^_^. They asked me to write a review within the week, other wise they would kill me :-O. Kidding! My first ever PR product has got me a little hyped up, so excuse me please.

Anyhoo, this is my very first E.L.F product and I am extremely impressed! First off, the brand is cruelty-free and they (mostly) don't use animal derivatives in their products, so that gets like a thousand points in my book! Second, the shadows are so pigmented! You literally need just a single swipe to get extreme color payoff for majority of the shadows. The shimmers and metallics have the best pigmentation! Even most of the mattes, like the matte black and matte berry/burgundy have amazing pigmentation. Only the lighter and pastel mattes need some extra layers. Pastels + mattes are a very difficult combination in makeup so it doesn't really matter.
E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette review swatches pakistan beauty blog

The texture is lovely! Metallics and shimmers have a smooth, buttery texture. Don't pat them too much otherwise they crumble. I speak from experience. Mattes are a bit harder. For some reason, some of the matte greens, blues and purples are quite hard and not as pigmented. Few of the shades were the color of my skin, so you might not see them clearly in the pictures below. So, don't go on assuming they are less pigmented; they are actually pretty great!

The stay on power is decent. Without primer I got around 3 hours, after which they started to fade but they hadn't faded completely even after 6 hours. With primer, the shadows lasted about 6 hours. Base + primer + applying wet will make them last longer.

The palette is HUGE. Almost the size of my arm. But it's quite slim and fits perfectly in my drawer. Thank God I had that chest of drawers custom made.

E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette review swatches pakistan beauty blog

Now, the dud percentage of this palette. I have to say it's pretty less. Like I just said, only some matte greens, purples and deep blues were giving me some issues with pigmentation and texture. The matte pastels and rusts were less pigmented than the rest, but I just had to apply more layers that's all.

Now that we know how amazing the palette is, let's move on to the swatches. Click the pictures to get a larger view.

Columns 1 & 2
E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette review swatches pakistan beauty blog

These shades I'm gonna use the most. There's a galore of chocolate browns, nudes, taupes, golds, rusts, creams and yellows. The matte creams and rusts are a bit chalky and less pigmented. Shimmery browns are the best! And I've finally found the perfect shades to use on my lids that match my skin tone closely - best for daytime looks :-). Matte creams are great for highlighting the brow bone, while the shimmery creams for the inner corners of the eye. If you're pale, you can rock the shimmery creams on your eyelids.

Columns 3 & 4
E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette review swatches pakistan beauty blog

The pinks in column 3 look a lot peachier in the picture, but that's only because they have peaches on the side and sometimes colors photograph that way. They get intimidated or something. There's hot pink, medium pinks, berries, corals and peaches. Will be using these shades on my crease a lot!

Column 4 was a bit of a disappointment. Most of the greens are lovely and will make great eye liners, but that second block of greens has mostly matte shades and has quite a hard texture and less pigmentation. Following in it's lead, the second block of purples are all duds. You can barely see them. But thankfully, the first and third blocks of purples are lovely! You know I love my purples. They make my eyes pop.

Column 5

The third block, sigh. You can see the swatches are soooo light compared to the shadows of the third box. There goes my dark blue smokey eye. But the periwinkle blue in this box, and the mints in the first and second blue boxes are so beautiful, they make me forget about the duds!

4th box contains taupes and silvers. I'm not really a fan of silvers, but if you are you'll really them.

Last box is a heaven for those who love black. There's a matte black, a satin black, a shimmery black and 2 charcoal colors. There's your black smokey eye right there.

E.L.F 150 Piece Geometric Eye shadow Palette review swatches pakistan beauty blog

Here comes the big question. Would I recommend this ginormous (not a real word) palette? If you are new to makeup and need all the colors in the world to practice with at a reasonable price, then YES I absolutely recommend it. But, you will need a primer for these shadows to last longer. If you're not a fan of the colors and prefer only nude and natural colors, then I wouldn't recommend it 'cause then you'll not be using half the palette.

In Pakistan, you can find this palette at Just4Girls.pk for PKR 2350 . That makes about Rs. 15.6 per shadow. That's reasonable right? Also consider the fact that it'll last a realllyyyy long time!

Hope you all loved the review. As soon as I'm done with my exams and post-exams room cleaning session, I'll post some eye looks using this palette. Have you tried E.L.F? Do you like the brand?

Have a great week!
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*Disclaimer* This product was sent to me for reviewing. However, my opinions are 100% honest.


  1. Wow this looks beautiful! I am so tempted to get it.

  2. What a beautiful palette with so many gorgeous colors. Great review :)

  3. Nice review and I must appreciate your effort for 150 swatches. The palette looks great value for money :)

  4. OMG....you swatched them all. Being a blogger I know how much effort goes into swatching and I was actually expecting you to have swatched only a few selected shades but wow you surprised me :) Salam to your dedication <3 and congratulatios on your first PR sample :) May you get many many more :)

  5. Thats a huge pallete. Lovely swatches and review :)

  6. I am big big fan of ELF shadows.This one looks so good.great reveiw


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