Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wet 'n Wild Think Pink & Rosebud Megalast Lip Colors

Hey beauties! Finally I'm hopping on the Wet 'N Wild lipstick bandwagon and let me just say I love these! Megalast lipsticks have a brilliant formula. So, what made me try these out? Well, they were on sale at for PKR 380 and without any second thoughts I instantly placed my order. The last time they were instock, I made the mistake of thinking twice and went out of stock within the week. The next time you see them instock at J4G, you buy them. Okie?
wet n wild megalast lip color price pakistan think pink rosebud swatches review
Left: Think Pink, Right: Rosebud

I'm sure you and your grandma already know about this gorgeous lipstick formula. For $3, you get a smooth, creamy lipstick with a semi-finish, that lasts for 3-4 hours and is crazy pigmented! You know I have really dry lips and tend to stay away form lipsticks, but Wet 'N Wild Megalast lipsticks look lovely on my lips and I can barely feel like I have anything on!

I picked up 2 pinky shades, Think Pink and Rosebud. Both colors have the same smooth, creamy application.

A little note: I was so excited when I got these, I dropped Think Pink 5 minutes into owning it. The shape of the bullet did mess up a little but the lipstick didn't break! Woo Hoo!

Think Pink

wet n wild megalast lip color price pakistan think pink swatches review

I know the comparison of Think Pink with MAC Creme Cup lets you believe this shade is a nude pink. Well, it's not. There's nothing nude about it. It's a super girly, pastel pink that sort of settles into your lip lines. Still, I love the color and might wear it with a pink lip gloss to tone down the Barbie effect.This is a good color for light/medium complexions. If you're pale or have a medium complexion, you need to skip this color.


wet n wild megalast lip color price pakistan rosebud swatches review
Now, this the perfect neutral pink color for me! Rosebud is a warm, rose pink color that's darker than my lips. It's one of those shades that you can just pop on whilst heading out for movies or grocery shopping or wear to office and not worry about attracting too much attention.
wet n wild megalast lip color price pakistan think pink rosebud swatches review

I'm definitely gonna try out more colors from this line; probably Pink Suga and Bare It All. I love these so much that I'm thinking about trying out the other much raved drugstore lip colors like NYX and MUA.

Have you tried this lipstick? Which one is your favorite?

Happy Sunday!


  1. You pull off Think Pink so nicely! I've wanted it so badly but I don't think it'll look great on me. Lol, too much thinking and not enough pinking, maybe I should get it already!

  2. Ireally wana try these wet & wild lipsticks :)

  3. Think pink looks absolutely beautiful on you.

  4. Rose Bud has to be my favourite! ^_^ x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  5. we'd definetly go with rose bud! love that color! great review jay bee!


  6. i like the rose bud shade i think i will buy this one next i currently own one shade of megalast lipstick that is in the flesh :)


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