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Unearthly By Cynthia Hand

Hey my lovely readers! Care for some paranormal book-reading? Unearthly By Cynthia Hand is a series based on angel-blood and is good as hell! Or, should I say heaven?

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The books starts with Clara Gardner, a sixteen-year-old quarter angel, receiving her purpose. An angel-blood's purpose is the sole reason they are put on the earth. Clara lives with her brother Jeffery (also quarter angel) and mom (half angel). Clara receives her purpose in form visions, while she's fully awake, driving, talking to someone, or giving a presentation in British History - hence the book is filled with awkward, embarassing situations. I mean, how on earth can you explain to a normal human being where you dozed off to, while being fully awake?

In her visions she sees Christian and a fire is approaching. After her first vision, they move to Jackson, Wyoming, where she meets Christian and feels this strong bond with him. Like, they belong together. The visions come in pieces and, due to the fact that her mom never shares angel stuff completely with her, it takes Clara a lot of hard work to figure anything out. Such is the life of Clara.

Then there's tucker, the guy Clara's actually in love with. But, being with Tucker means that Clara isn't serious about her purpose. Who will Clara choose? Her purpose? The reason for her existence. Or, Tucker? And whatever happens to angel-bloods who do not fulfill their purpose? Clara doesn't know 'cause her mom won't tell.

I really like Clara. Her thoughts are always so hilarious and she always always over evaluates everything. Her mom is always described as how calm she remains, the grace with which she does everything and how she ignores Clara when she asks questions (This drives Clara insane). I don't like Christine. I really hate it when he comes into the picture. He seems like a snobby rich-boy to me, even though that's not what the author is going with. I really don't want Clara to end up with him. Tucker, I love love love!

Following is my favorite part from the novel. This happens when Clara with confronted with Samjeeza, the villain of the series (at least that's what the author wants us to think until this book).

"Who are you?" he asks, pointedly.
"Clara," he repeats like he's tasting my name on his tongue and likes it. "Appropriate, I think. What level are you?"
For once my mother's practice of keeping me in the dark about everything pays off. I have no idea what he means. I guess I look about as clueless as I feel.
"Who are your parents?" he asks.
I bite my lip until I taste blood. I can a feel a strange pressure in my head, like he's prodding my brain for the information he wants. It will be deadly for everybody I know if he finds out. I see a flash of Mom's face, then try desperately to think about something else. Anything else.
Go with polar bears, I say to myself. Polar bears at the North Pole. Baby polar bears scooting along after their mothers in the snow. Polar bears drinking Coca-Cola.
He's staring at me. 
The book is filled with awkward silences, Clara's hilarious thoughts and embarrassing situations. It has made me laugh-out-loud many times. The characters aren't shallow and they all seem real somehow. What I love the most is how Clara is just now learning everything (and hence we are) as the story unfolds. The author, Cynthia Hand, has hands down done a brilliant job with this book. I will definitely be reading more books written by her. I don't think I can love another young-adult paranormal novel as much as I love Unearthly!

Happy New Year!


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  2. I love reading book reviews and i enjoyed reading this :) Seems like a good one :) will try it :)

  3. Lovely post. I really enjoyed how you described the characters, i love watching paranormal movies and i think this time i will read a book. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Glad that finally one of our local bloggers took a take on books! Enjoyed the post! I'd love to be back for more! :) x

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  6. Sounds like a good read. Would be coming back for more book reviews! :) xx

  7. Glad you reviewed a book...although not my taste but seems a goodone.

  8. I was so waiting for book reviews by local co-bloggers.... Thanks for sharing this one..this seems interesting. Adding this to my read list :)


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