Friday, 30 January 2015

My Favorites of 2014

My Favorites of 2014, Pakistani Beauty Nail art Book blog

Hey all! Hope you all are doing great today! I'm probably the last blogger on the planet to post my favorites of 2014, but no other beauty blogger is an actuarial science student, so I get a free pass! :-P Hopefully this post will help you find the right product for yourself! ^_^

1. Freeman Goji Berry Mask - My first ever freeman mask and I loved it. Will be getting more! This mask is the only product I've added lately to my skin care routine, and my skin has become so smooth and glowy. Read my full review.

2. Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle & Nail Oil - This, together with the cuticle remover, has really improved the condition of my nails! My nails looks healthy, well moisturized and straight-up clean. Full review for both items coming soon! 

3. Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish in Oh So Special - The best polish ever! Great brush, great formula, hi-gloss gel finish and the shade is perfect for all seasons!

4. The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream with SPF 15 - A light-weight cream great for both summer and winter! Absorbs well into the skin and leaves hands so smooth and smelling heavenly. Read my full review.

5. Maybelline Colossal Kajal - I tried the kajal this year and it performs really well, considering the price. I will be repurchasing the black one and try out the turquoise one in spring. Read my full review.

6. Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Eye shadow Palette - Those who still haven't tried MUR, really need to! The eye shadow palette is just amazing quality for the price and I'm looking forward to try out more products from the brand. All the shades of Iconic 3 go really well with my yellow skin. Read my full review.

7. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream - A close call with The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream, but this one made to my favorites due to the affordable price tag! I love that it moisturizes my skin so well and gives an amazing satin finish. For PKR 700, it's worth a shot! Full review coming soon :-).

8. Nyx Butter Gloss in Cherry Pie - The best lip gloss formula ever! The shade is great for both night outs and day wear. Full review coming soon!

9. St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash - I loved using it in spring and summer. The smell relaxes me after a tiring day at uni and the 2-in-1 feature saves me time, and who doesn't love that? Read my full review.

10. Sally Hassen Instant Cuticle Remover - My first ever cuticle remover and it worked like a charm! A post about using cuticle removers is coming soon.

11. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with Baby Oil - My lips had  been in a really bad shape since fall started and I really didn't know what to do anymore. Exfoliating was making my lips worse. I saw this Vaseline in my drawer and slapped it on, not expecting much. My lips healed very quickly and I only need to.use it twice everyday. It has been great with my feet too. I'm never using any other lip balm again!

12. Olay Beauty Fluid - A very light-weight lotion that moisturizes deeply and doesn't leave that greasy feel. If you have dry skin and need a good budget friendly-day lotion, this is for you! Don't be fooled by the term 'lotion', 'cause it moisturizes just as well as a cream.

13. St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Body Wash - This is my favorite winter body wash so far! Better than Dove Go Fresh (2013 favorite). Read my full review.

Have a beautiful evening!


  1. Love your picks :) And that clossal kajal is one of my fav too :) Have bought it couple of times and i own that turquoise kajal too and its ahmazing :) just tooked swatch photos of it :) will be doing review of it this week :)

  2. I actually want all three Iconic palettes by MUR because I can NEVER buy Naked. They are way too expensive for me.

  3. Guess I have found my blogging soul mate in you! :D Olay is one brand that has actually worked for my dry skin! I have been on a hunt for a good moisturiser all my life otherwise! Need to try Colossal and thanks a ton for Freeman mask! I still actually have it on! :'D If this was your first, girl you will love the rest! ;) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. The St Ives scrub sounds amazing but I am too scarred from their facial scrub to try it x

  5. what great picks .. olay is my new found love these days :)

  6. Maybelline BB Cream is my favourite too. Great post!

  7. Great picks! I yet have to try out my makeup revolution stuff which is at my home in pakistan :D

  8. I love reading favourites posts and discovering new products to try. I love rose scents so I definitely want to check out the Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream and I also really want to try the Maybelline Colossal Kajal you mentioned, a turquoise shade does sound beautiful for the Spring/Summer! xx

  9. great picks! i want to try both st ives products

  10. Your never too late to post a yearly favourites!! Great picks here, love the MUR palette too :) x

  11. Great picks. Cuticle oil sounds promising. Would love a detailed review on it.

  12. Love your picks! I so need to get my hands on the makeup revolution products.

  13. I love St Ives products and you seem to be the person with same thoughts. Great picks. Gotta try that Maybelline BB Cream.


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