Sunday, 28 December 2014

Winter Vacations To-do List

Hello my lovely readers! I'm back from my much deserved break, during which I had to give my semester exams. Just 2 more semesters left! I hope you all are (and were) well. I wasn't expecting a lot page views and Facebook likes while I was away, but boy was I wrong! My blog's been just as popular, and it's all thanks you! ^_^

Moving on, as I come closer and closer to the last exam, I start to make a mental list of things that I need to do in vacations. It's not much, but it helps to wake me up in the morning (otherwise I'd wake up by noon).

1. Arrange my books

The most important of them all and needs to be done the very next day. During my exams, I need ALL my books, notebooks and notes right there in front of my eyes. Imagine me sitting in a sea of books. And considering the fact that my exams stretch out to a month, my room's basically a mess. For a month. The stuff needs to arranged by "Borrowed" (hence, needs to returned and kept securely in a folder), "Needed Next Semester" or "Might Come in Handy" (these are also kept securely in my room) and my personal favorite "Trash" (these are raddi-fied ^_^ (means recycled in urdu)).

2. Arrange my closet

After I'm done with sorting my books, I pull out all my clothes from the closet and throw them on my bed. They are arranged according to season, lowers, tops, 3-piece suits (It's a Pakistani thing) and dupattas (scarves) and folded neatly and placed (or hanged) in my closet. The placements barely last a month.

3. Give my clothes to charity

This is something I've been doing since the summer vacations and also convinced my mom to do. I had so many clothes that I grew out of too quick and my mom thinks I can still wear them (in denial of her daughters growing up). Anyway, while I was arranging my clothes, I picked out the stuff that doesn't fit me anymore, and soon my mom will be dropping it off at a charity. Now I have only kept clothes that I actually wear and nothing else. Feels good.

4. Bake something new

I feel like baking a pie or some macaroons, something other than cake.

5. Make the perfect icing

I know I will not be able to do this now. Or ever >.<. My icing's ALWAYS turn out so bad! But I'll keep trying.

6. Learn a new Pakistani dish

I know how to make Chicken Qorma and Bhindi Ki Bhujia (proud ^_^), both being my favorite. Next up it's either going to be Chicken Karahi or any Daal (pulse). Or aloo gajar (potatoes and carrots), yum!

7. Study for SOA Exams

It's just studying. It's the best thing I know how to do. But somehow, something always gets in the way of my little SOA-Exams-passing-dream-while-I'm-still-in-uni. Is it too much to ask? Sigh.

8. Oil my hair at least once a weak

..and keep up with it when uni starts as well!

9. Try to get my complexion back

This is the toughest one, 'cause I know it'll just get back to it's sun tanned self within the first day of uni, so what's the point, right? Wrong. That is not how a beauty obsessed girl should think. I shall do everything I can! Nobody can stop me!

10. Read read read

I haven't read a lot this year. I started getting back to reading during exams (perfect timing, right?). I read Eleanor & Park and The Learning Curve. Reviews will be up soon. More about books later ^_^.

Have a great weekend pretties!


  1. I think the major reason why my icing usually turns out bad is because of the sugar! Gotta be store bought or otherwise my icing is gritty and the butter separates.

  2. It's a long of luck...:P


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