Sunday, 12 October 2014

Dry Skin Diary: Time to moisture up!

Autumn Favorites, tips for dry skin, Pakistani beauty nail art blog

Hello all my dry skin buddies! As the cool winds start to come out of hiding in the morning and at night, my skin starts to feel tight and look wrinkly (eww). Even my hair loses the oomph. Here's everything that I have pulled out right now to save me from the issues:

Autumn Favorites, tips for dry skin, Pakistani beauty nail art blog

I posted a blog earlier about L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil. Just 2 drops of this heavenly smelling oil on my hair, leaves them smooth and manageable after every hair wash. And of course, it smells divine! Olay Beauty Fluid has been my saviour. It feels so light on my skin yet provides the perfect amount of moisture needed for this time of the year. It's thicker than my most favorite Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer but has the same gel-like consistency. I love it so much I got a richer day cream version for winter. Ever since August I've been using the Marks & Spencer Cocoa & Vanilla Body Lotion and love how instantly it absorbs and nourishes my skin. For the drier parts, I reach for The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter - my favorite fragrance by them. Lastly, and most importantly, the Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil that I've started using recently. If I start posting unedited pictures of my manicures you girls would most probably run away. Seriously. My cuticles are (or I should say 'were' ^_^) far drier than what you all see in the pictures. But now thanks to this cuticle oil I have started to see the brighter side of my cuticles. I will be posting a complete review soon!

So, what are you reaching for the most this time of the year?

Have a beautiful week!

*Disclaimer* - Everything mentioned in this post was purchased with my own money and my review is honest.


  1. Nice picks... I need to try that Marks & Spencer Cocoa & Vanilla Body Lotion... Sound great... :)


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