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Revenants Trilogy by Amy Plum #1: Die For Me

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Remember when I started reading paranormal novels? Here's the third series I picked up. It's a trilogy by Amy Plum, called 'Revenants', though it's never mentioned on any of the books. All the books have different names; Die For Me, Until I Die, If I Should Die, in that order. I was just snooping around GoodReads, looking for an interesting paranormal to read, when the book cover of Die For Me (and later the story) caught my attention. I downloaded these from epubbud.com. I saw these at Liberty Books recently, priced at between PKR 800-1100.

I will not be going into a complete review of all the books.I'm no critique. I just want to share my thoughts on the series and introduce it so you can read it as well. Here's my thoughts on the first one.

Die For Me
Revenants Trilogy by Amy Plum Die For Me, Pakistani Nail Art and Beauty Blog
Picture taken from amyplumbooks.com

The story is based in Paris, which I really really love. It just adds to the whole mystic of the novel. The girl's (Katie) parents die. She and her flirtatious sister, Georgia, move to Paris to live with their grandparents (Mamie and Papy, adorable!). At first I was pretty bummed out though. Katie finds it hard to face reality. Katie is a wreck. Katie finds guy. Guy brings Katie back to reality. Guy ditches Katie. Katie is a wreck, again. Poor Katie.

Isn't that annoying?? I mean, where have we not read that before?

No matter how cliche all of this sounds, just don't judge the book yet! You need to get to the part where the guy (Vincent) reveals to Katie what he really is. He is a Revenant. I know Wikipedia says that Revenents are the undead that return to terrorize people, but in this book there are 2 kinds of Revenents.

1. Bardia - They are the regular ol' Revevnants. These guys (and girls) died saving others, and hence, this what their destiny has become. They keep dying in place of humans, so the one they died for can fulfill their destiny. This is what drives them and gives them happiness.
2. Numa - These are evil revenants and they are planning to take over world in the trilogy. They were Bardia until they killed what drives them, human.

Vincent gradually introduces Katie to the life of Revenants, and he does this through out the trilogy. Katie also makes a Revenant girlfriend, Charlotte, one of Vincent's family members. Katie and Vincent fall head over heels in love. In Paris. Shocker. There's some numa-bardia fighting action towards the end and an unbelieveable victory. By the end of the book, Katie (previously hated by Vincent's family members) is now welcomed in their house and loved by all of them. Georgia, on the other hand, is banned! Ha ha.

There's a lot of detail in the book regarding the Revenants. I hardly feel like there's something unexplained, missing or abrupt, and that's really my favorite part. A lot of books just leave me very confused, but this one didn't. There's a lot of art talk. Vincent is the goody-two shoes guy, and he is perfect for the book. But I really wish Katie had more personality. I mean she loves art, books, museums, etc, but where is the crankiness and mood disorders? But I think that's just me trying to find myself in the heroine ^_^. Her sister, I love! I'm sure you will too.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next book, Until I Die.

Happy reading!


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    1. Yayy! ^_^ and thanks for liking my review! :-D will follow you for sure!


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