Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Pretty Makeup Brushes Wishlist

Hey everyone! I have only two more papers left and I'm 90% prepared for each of them. Yayy ^_^ I hope you all are doing great as well.

Oh, and following is my makeup brushes wishlist! This isn't the ultimate one, just all the pretty ones ^_^. I needed all of this VERY important information to be in one place, so I decided to blog about it. I hope the girls who are looking for similar brushes find this post helpful.

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1. First off are the brushes from one of my most wanted high-end brands, Too Faced. I know these brushes are really expensive, but I read a lot of reviews and everybody says they last a very long time. The kabukis are a must have. The small one, Flatbuki, is actually very reasonably priced ($15). The 3 Piece Essential Set ($32) is great for small eyelids. They all are super cute, synthetic AND awesome brushes.

2. Now onto the much budget friendly ones. This is a 15 Piece Pink Set from BH Cosmetics. It also comes in berry color. It has all the essential brushes, great for those starting out or do not wanna waste a ton of money on brushes. And it's pink! The bristles are super pretty.

3. Just look at that hot pink kabuki! But it's not synthetic, that's kind of a bummer. The brush set has the basic eye brushes and a powder brush, and it's synthetic (Yayy! I'm a tree-hugger >.<).

4. I just wanna say that I LOVE Bubbi! Her 5-min hairstyles, makeup, etc, videos were my favorite. I learned a lot of hairstyles from here. She launched these brushes a while back and she released a new collection recently. The brushes are all adorable, like her ^_^. I especially like that powder brush and HD brush. All her single brushes are under GBP 9. They also come in sets.

5. I spotted these on Amazon. They go by the name of Pueen Beauty and they probably manufactured in China, if you get my drift. However, the customers were really impressed by the quality of these brushes. I like the dual ended ones in this set. This particular set was $10.99 on Amazon.

If you wanna see more pretty brushes, you can check out Essence, Charm (a Filipino brand) and Born Pretty Store. If you are willing to pay more, Sigma and Sephora has some pretty brushes as well.

Have a great day!


  1. Im a sucker for pretty brushes too!!
    http://xprincessjas.blogspot.co.uk | xx

  2. I'm obsessed with makeup brushes lately! nice post


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