Friday, 17 January 2014

Turning 21

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It was my birthday on 15th January. Yayyy I'm 21!! :D Self obsessed much? No, I'm not celebrating my birthday here. I've actually been a little tiny bit sad over the part where I crossed another year and not accomplishing anything major. I'm still in my undergraduate. I'm still working on developing a habit to pray 5 times-a-day. My GPA has decreased *very sensitive topic*. I still have blackheads on my nose, puffy eyes, dry cuticles.. and the list goes on.  Before going to bed yesterday I decided to put the negativity behind and focus on the good that has happened while I was 20. Warning: This may get a little sentimental.

Bye Bye Whiteheads

I've had this huge whitehead near the inner corner of my eye since forever. I developed a lot more of them very very fast at the beginning of last year, much thanks to my University. I tried so many things, homemade remedies and commercial ones. And one of those things worked! :D The huge whitehead is no longer, neither are the tiny ones.

Discovered the toner

I had never used a toner before! I remember my sister would that Clean and Clear blue bottle and I would ask her what it was. My younger sister and I would shake the bottle, watch the bubbles and call it Pacific Ocean ^_^. So, during the 'Whiteheads Please Go Away' time, I bought that blue bottle and discovered the magic that is toning.

Started Blogging

I started this blog a month after I turned 20. I had to (kind of) let go of my creative side when I chose to study Actuarial Science. All the Mathematics was turning me into a mess. So without much thinking, I started the blog last year and I am very happy that I did. It gives me a total 'Me' space.

Covered my hair

This was clearly the highlight. I would cover my hair with a dupatta when I went to the Sunday Bazaars and such. But I realised I needed to cover it in my University and every where else that I go. It was very hard for me at first. All the stares and gossip. Students I didn't even know would be like 'Ye woi hai na?' (Is that the same girl?). How I desired to punch them on their faces! But I didn't. I remained calm and ignored and I got through all that and I'm very proud of myself ^_^.

The grades

I'm a nerd! Half of my courses are related to Mathematics and require a lot of time, practise and focus. But it really hurts when you're the one really understanding the subject, giving all the answers in class but others are getting the marks. That has been the story of my 1st year in University. I tried to look past all that last year and only focus on my own studies and performance. I have stopped stressing on my grades as well but some things are still stinging me.

Cooked Italian

I started making pasta last year! :D I like baking, but it's too tiring sometimes. I tried this tomato cream sauce  recipe one day and I loved how easy and yummy it was. That's when I got addicted. I have tried other recipes too, but that tomato cream sauce is my love <3.

Chopped up my hair

Long hair story short, My hair went from sleek and lustrous, to a home of ALL hair problems after my O Levels. First came dandruff, then hair fall and split ends. I still maganed to keep them soft and long. When University started, I just lost control. I don't know if it was the sun or the expiration date to my looong hair had come, I had not other option but to chop up my locks. I am sad at how I had to give up, but also so relieved. Washing, oiling, brushing, everything is so much easier now. There is one slight problem though. I have no idea how to style short hair!! -.- I have spent my life learning how to make all the braids in the world and hating on my friend's short hair. Readers, I have been cursed.

That is where my 20th year ended. Thank you so much for reading! Please do tell me what to do with my short hair. Looking forward to a great year!



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