Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tips For Prettier Lips This Winter

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Hi girls! Enjoying the cold? I'm not. I don't like winters. My skin gets so dry and flaky, it's just disgusting. On the brighter side, winter is the perfect time for me to experiment with some home remedies. Anyway,  I thought this would be the perfect time to share some lip care tips with you all while winter lasts. Hope you find them useful and helps you out. ^_^

The skin on our lips is the most sensitive and gets even more sensitive in winters. Your lips are calling out for your attention by flaking and possibly bleeding. They need you! Fear not, as I have shared some tips below, which may be common to a whole lot of us but still news to the majority of young girls.

Stop the licking asap!

Licking your lips is seriously a really bad habit (unless you're trying to be sultry *bad joke alert*). Even I used to lick my lips, thinking that I was keeping my lips from drying but I was so wrong.  You're skin releases natural oils to keep it moisturized. Similary the skin of your lips releases those oils as well. By licking, you are removing those oils and causing your lips to dry. So please stop the licking. If you don't, hurrah for you ^_^


This is more of a necessity in winter. We all use the lip balms and lip therapies from our favorite brands. I have super dry lips, so Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is my favorite in winters. Since it's too greasy, I lightly pat my lips with my finger tips after applying during the day. I apply loads of it before sleeping and wake up with moisturised lips. I've recently read that it's harmful if consumed, so I'm planning to cut back on the lip biting.

You can also try this moisturising lip oil I used to make. I mixed up some olive oil with tiny bit of lemon juice. You can a add a tiny amount of honey if you'd like, since honey is very moisturising. You can pour it in an old lip balm tin (after washing it of course) and store in the fridge for upto 2 weeks I think or more. Apply it at night so it sinks in properly while you sleep.


There is a difference between moisturising and hydrating. Moisturise = restore oil and rehydrate = restore water. Most of us (including me) do not drink water because we don't feel thirsty but trust me honey, you really need to. Dehydrated lips feel tight. At least 5 glasses of water in a day is a must and something every girl can manage. You should also pat rose water on your lips. Rose water is great for re-hydrating. I like keeping rose water on my dresser so it's always there in front of me and pat some on my lips at least once everyday.


The skin on your lips that's flaking out and looking utterly disgusting is actually the dead skin. You need to get rid of it. Plucking it is not the answer. This is a really effective tip I learned from Bubzbeauty on Youtube.

- Dab some petroleum jelly on your lips.
- Take your tooth brush and rub lightly on your lips in circular motions.

I used to do this everyday and it resulted in much less flakiness. I simply love this. Make sure to rub lightly.

You can also try lip sugar scrubs. A lot of beauty bloggers have given rave reviews about them. I haven't tried one but I'd love to. I'm planning on making a natural one myself.

Protect from the sun

Not really a necessity in winters but should be considered. Lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, etc, are available with SPF in them in all price ranges. But do they work?

Color them the right way

Try to go for the lipsticks or lipglosses which have Vitamin E in them or claim to be moisturizing. Avoid lipstains because they tend to highlight the flaking dead skin. Lipglosses are great but should not be used as a substitute for lip balms, even if they are the moisturizing type. Tinted lip balms are your best friends. A quick tip for lipstains or lipsticks: apply petroleum jelly, dab with your finger tips to lessen the greasiness and then smear on your favorite lipstick or lipstain. Works like a charm!

I really hope you found these tips helpful, especially if you have dry skin like me. I have shared them because I have suffered and still suffering from dry lips myself. These are my experiences and not just copied from anywhere. Why do I still suffer even after trying these you ask? Well.... 'cause I'm lazy! You need to use/try these daily to get amazing results. However, you cannot change the natural skin type that God has given to you.

Anywayyy, I haven't used lip sugar scrubs and lipsticks with sunprotection myself and therefore haven't written about them very well. So, you are very much welcomed to share your experiences below. :) Do tell me if this post helped a dry-lips-fella out. ^_^

Happy Winters!


  1. The tooth brush technique for exfoliating dead skin works great... :) Nice post thanks for sharing all the tips

    1. Thanks Huda <3 Yup it does! I discovered it 2 years back and it totally saved my lips :)

  2. Amazing tips! Enjoyed reading the post, although I don't have super dry lips but all these tips will come handy during these cold months! x

    1. I really hope they do :) Thanks for the lovely comment! <3


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