Monday, 27 January 2014

The Lacquer Legion - Reinvention

 Hey girls! I have seen all nail bloggers taking part in challenges. However, they required too much commitment. I'm not even sure if I can post a manicure once every week now that my university has started. I came across this challenge at Chalkboard Nails and I thought huraahhh! Just a single mani for an entire month. Perfect for me ^_^ and today is the day to post the design.

So the theme for this month is 'Reinvention'. I re-created on of my own designs that I did when I discovered my obsession for pretty nails. ^_^ This is the one I created.

Pakistani nail art beauty and lifestyle blog

And this is the original one! :D I have come a long way right?

4 years ago

I did this one at the beginning of 2010. I'm not even sure if I applied a topcoat on this. :D I loved metallic polishes then but now I like creamy pastels. I made this one entirely with a toothpick and I have recently shifted to brushes so you might find the mani messy. The picture quality is AWFUL, my apologies!

Hope you liked it and thanks so much for visiting! <3 Looking forward to next month's theme.



  1. This is a great reinvention! You've improved so much in 4 years! :)

  2. Its awesomeeeeee....:D waiting for the tutorial......fingers crossed.....xoxoxoxo....:D


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