Sunday, 19 January 2014

"The Great Expectations" Tag

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Hello pretty ladies! Some days back I got this really wonderful surprise. I had been tagged by Bia from The Beauty Finds! Eeeee my very first tag. :D Thank you so much Bia for remembering me and giving me a special tag <3 xx. This tag is about expectations, something I'm always low on. Continue at your own risk. This will be full of a lot of blabber!

Bad beauty habit to get rid of this year

I don't use a toner everyday. I feel lazy searching for cotton pads in the morning and even lazier when I get home from university. My uni is very polluted and toning is a must. Specially because I've had a really bad case of whiteheads in the past. So I'm going to get rid of that habit now :)

Beauty secret to add this year

I'm either going to get me a lip scrub or make on myself. My lips are super dry and need some suga on them. I have also started using a night cream and really hope it nourishes the dry patches on my face.

Last year's beauty favorites

I have done My Favorites of 2013 post. My absolute favorite has to be the miracle toner produced by Clean & Clear. (They should really start paying my now *just kidding*)

Beauty/Body goal of 2014

I have spent around 4 years trying to fix my damaged hair and 2 years reversing the sun tan. The hair problem is gone (not fully though) thanks to the hair cut and sun tan has been reversed by 70% thanks to home remedies. Now I have the time to focus on my puffy eyes and dry cuticles. Every week I wake up with a scar or two on my cuticles, which is totally not acceptable since I have a part nail blog. :( My eyes look okay when I have glasses on but whenever I wear lenses everybody goes, "Jabeen, are you crying?" I'm NOT crying okay!! I have puffy eyes since birth. :(

Last year's biggest fashion mistake/regret

I wish I had a great story here but I don't. I wore chappals everday in summer to uni and now my beloved feet are all shades of red and grey. I hope that counts. ^_^

This year's fashion trend prediction

For shoes, I'd say cute and girly ballet flats and studded heels. Loose baggy tops are going to be very in style. And puh-lease! NO MORE kutis with the pockets and flaps!! :-/

This year's fashion must haves

Brightly colored sneakers, long chain pendant and glittery nails.A pretty patterned scarf is great for adding some color to an outfit. There's going to be a lot of matching my nails with the patterns on my outfit this year.^_^

Last year's happiest moment/biggest acheivement

When my sister returned from UK, with a heaven of makeup, shoes and skin care goodies! :D *so materialistic*

Last year's biggest challenge

Some university issues but they are all taken care of now. I need to stop giving importance to what random people say about me.

This year's key resolution

Let others be and just focus on MYself and don't overdo on the math stuff.

Any advice for 2014

Let bygones be bygones. There's no need of wasting the present and future over something that has happened in the past. You just need to have faith in God and let Him do what's best for you.

That's all! *Phew* I'm going to tag some ladies to try this post:

Emma and Jo from Dahlia Nails
Jayna from The Sequined Nail
Huda from The Lipstickholic 

I had a great time going back into memory lane. Thank you so much Bia for tagging me! And thank you my readers for visiting!

Much love,


  1. Its such a cute and interesting post....I have read every line

    1. Aww thanks! <3 You read twice? I hope I didn't make any spelling mistakes :D

  2. I had been searching for lip scrubs in local supermarkets for a long time and finally ended up making myself a batch at home! And reversing the tan...been there..I had such a horrible tan during my secondary level at school, and it has been years since then but I'm still recovering from it! :P All hail to home remedies! ;)

    Thanks for tagging me lovely! :) xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. I totally understand! My face is a alot better now, but my arms and feet uhhh :( "All hail to home remedies" You got that right sista! :D Looking forward to reading your post :)

  3. such an interesting post to read! i am all nostalgic about the university days and all the skin/beauty disasters happened during those times...hahaha
    love your advice for 2014..something i badly need to do right now :D

    Sadia Malik's Blog

    1. Aww thanks <3 congrats on surviving that time! Gaining a lot of experiences myself :)

  4. "Let bygones be bygones" - That's what Klaus says to Stefan in The Vampire Diaries. I don't know why that's the only voice I could remember this in ;-P

    Hallelujah for pockets and flaps! Overdone. Overkilled. :-D

    You're most welcome on the special tag, special lady! ^_^

    1. Oh he does? How come I don't remember -.- Yes his voice and his words seem to linger in our minds ;) And this year they're gonna overkill the palazzo pants. Thanks so much for the lovely comment support <3 xx


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