Monday, 6 January 2014

JayBee's Journal on Facebook + a note on Bloglovin'

**News Flash**

I created the Facebook Fan Page for my blog last night! :D It finally occured to me in December that I need a Facebook Page more than a Twitter or Tumblr to get more Pakistanis to read and be updated with my blog. I was worried that I might not be able to manage it along with my other social media accounts but I guess you have to try to know. Do visit and like it here and share with your friends.

If you use Bloglovin', you can be updated with my blog posts there too. Just click here. I wanted to add that you need to follow my blog, not me. Following me on Bloglovn' would be equivalent to sending me a friend request on facebook. So if you're interested in the blog and want to be updated with my blog posts only then follow my blog, not me. Only follow me if you want to be friends ^_^ and want to keep track of MY activity on Bloglovin'. I hope that's clear.

Loads of thanks for reading and supporting my blog <3 <3

Much love.

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