Saturday, 4 January 2014

How To Do Checkerboard Nails - Nail Art Tutorial


Hello girlies! ^_^

It felt like a tutorial day today! When I think of 'checkerboard' the colors black and white pop up in my head. But since it's winter I went for my favorite winter color; grey. I tried to make it easy but I've added alooot of boxes. So make sure to read below the photos if you are a beginner. Have fun :)

What You Need

Just grab 2 polishes, one light and the other dark. I chose grey and black.

You need a stripper brush but you can subsitute a dotting tool for it.

You need a flat brush for filling in, but you can use anything you are comfortable with.

Basecoat and topcoat.

Let's Begin

Tutorial - Step 1

Apply basecoat. Apply two coats of the light polish. I used grey. Let it dry completely.

Tutorial - Step 2
Dip the stripper brush or dotting tool in the dark polish (I used black). Make straight vertical lines. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's easier if you add a line at the centre first then add 1 line to each side.

Tutorial - Step 3
Add lines horizontally now with your stripper brush or dotting tool. I did 3 the same way as step 2, but you can make 2 lines here if you're a beginner. Fewer lines here will make fewer and bigger boxes.

Tutorial - Step 4
Now you have to fill up the boxes. I used a flat brush which makes this task alot easier and faster but you can use a detail brush, dotting tool or the brush of the nail polish. You need to fill up alternate boxes as shown.

Tutorial - Step 5
Fill all the boxes, add a topcoat and you're done. I applied 2 coats of topcoat because my filling wasn't smooth in step 4.

Don't forget to clean up the mess! Dip a flat brush in nail polish remover and sweep it along the cuticles.

Checkerboard Nails
Too messy? It's okay. Practice makes perfect. ^_^



  1. Its not messy at all honey <3 Its lovely!


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