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Book Intro: Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

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My nails look a little unclean from that grey and black checkered nail tutorial yesterday. I've been wearing polish a lot lately so I thought of giving my nails a break from polish for a few days and blog about something else. I thought I'd share a little book intro of this fantastic Australian novel I read last year. It's titled 'Graffiti Moon' and written by Cath Crowley. There's ambition, love and some craziness. It's not your average 'girl falls in love with rude boy or vampire' book. A really different and artsy lifestyle has been portrayed. It has to be my favorite book young adult contemporary novel. Keep reading to know more. ^_^

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The story is narrated by a lot of characters, the major ones being Lucy Dervish and Ed. Lucy Dervish is a school going, glass blowing newbie artist who is obsessed with Shadow, a graffiti artist. She's been searching for him ever since she saw his first graffiti art on a wall and has never seen him. Shadow does the pictures and Poet writes. The story starts when Lucy's boss texts her that Shadow is actually standing there in front of the shop and painting a wall. Lucy rushes out of her home.

‘Where’s the fire, Lucy Dervish?’ Dad asks. In me. Under my skin
The epic lines are spoken then.

She misses him again. Then on the last day of Year 12, she decides with her best friend to go looking for Shadow and Poet. They meet Ed, who had dropped out of their school in Year 10. He is a poor boy living with his mom, but Lucy doesn't know that yet. She really doesn't want him to come along in their hunt for very interesting reasons which you NEED to read yourself in the book!

Now the story gets amazing! There's theft, money issues and of course love. Ed's friend took money from a guy and didn't pay back and now he's after Lucy. They get partially kidnapped and try stealing from their own school. Between all this Lucy and Ed develop feelings for each other.

“Kept dreaming of this spot she had on her neck, this tiny country. I wanted to visit, to paint a picture of what I found there, a wall with a road map of her skin.”

“There was no skin on my voice and she heard the bones in my words.” 

But Lucy is confused between Ed and Shadow. Will she finally give up the hunt and choose Ed? Or will her delusional side get the better of her? You need to read the book to find out.

“If you treat glass right, it doesn't crack. If you know the properties, you can make things; the color of dusk and night and love. But you can't control people like that and I really, really wish you could. I want the world to be glass.” 

What glass blowing means to Lucy and what Shadow's graffiti means to her; it all has been described really beautifully by Cath Crowley. The readers have been going ga-ga over it all over the world. It makes you want to wish that you could actually go and see Shadow's work in real life! All young artists and art lovers should read this book. All girls should read this book. All guys should read this book. So basically what I'm saying is.. Everyone should read this book!! :D

For my Pakistani readers, this book is available at Liberty Books. They are also selling it online and offer cash-on-delivery on their website. I read this book on my android. I downloaded the book from and read through the app FB Reader.

I really hope I did this book some justice. Have you read this amazing book? I'd love to read your thoughts. ^_^

Much love.


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