Sunday, 8 December 2013

Snowflakes + Nail Art Ideas Linkup + Technic Nail Art Polishes

Hello lovelies.

First thing's first, I changed the theme of my blog! :D Yaayyy *Cheers*
It took me alot of researching, tutorials, editing and HTML coding. It's a good thing I studied HTML at school otherwise the whole thing would have been a pain. I chose my favorite color combination for my new blog theme; grey, turquoise and coral. There are some things I still need to add/change. Hopefully after my exams I will. (Yes I'm changing themes during exams :3)

Second, I'm participating in a nail art challenge called Nail Art Ideas Linkup N.A.I.L. I found it during my research. It's not a contest. It's just for providing some inspiration to nail artists and thus bringing the nail artists together. They do announce a winner though and give a badge. You can check out the details on the image in my side bar. There are other such challenges going on out there as well. After i've published this post i'm going to enter it there. I hope you join the challenge as well. :)

Third, it's the opening ceremony of my Technic nail art polishes ^_^. My sister brought them for me in August and I opened them today. How lazy am I?

The brush was just excellent. I'm definitely going to use it for really intricate nail designs.

Now the most important part, my snowflake nails.

What I Used

I didn't use blue. Other colors also represent frost and winter, right? So I used minty green and peach.


It's just 4 steps.

Step One - Paint your nails.

Step Two - Make a 5 line star.

Step Three - Add Vs at the end of each line

Step Four - Add another set of Vs just behind the previous set.

Repeat the steps for all nails. Add a top coat and tadaa!

Some tips

- Do not worry about mess ups. If you look closely, I have done some mess ups too but the overall design looks good.

- Practice Vs and straight lines. That's all you need for this design.

- Start with a light hand and make light strokes. You can darken up the star later. This will give a nice smudgy and frosty effect.

Don't forget to have fun ^_^.

More Photos

Happy Winters.


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