Friday, 20 December 2013

Nail Art Tutorial - How to Make a Bumble Bee

Hello beauties! Buzz buzz..

I have a buzzy bumble bee nail tutorial for you today. Hope you find it easy and try it out. I had a fun time creating it. I've had this post in the drafts for soooo long. I was waiting for spring to post it. Then today I thought what the hey! So I'm finally posting it. ^_^

You Need

- A black

- A yellow

- Top coat and base coat

- Dotting tool/toothpick

- A detail nail art brush/toothpick


Step One - Apply your base color

Step Two - Use your detail brush/toothpick to make an horizontal oval shape. This is the bee's body.

Step Three - Add stripes to the body. Add an oval on the top for the first wing.

Step Four - Create another oval beside the first wing to form the second wing.

Step Five - Fill up the wings wth white.

Step Six - Make white dots with your dotting tool/toothpick for the eyes.

Step Seven - Complete the eye by adding small black dots in the middle of each eye.

Step Eight - Add the trail with your dotting tool, horizontal lines on ring finger and dotted heart on the little finger.

Add a top coat and you're done.

I loved making this cute bee. I'm going to do another bee manicure soon and some other cute animals as well. So keep reading and follow. ^_^

Do comment and tell me your favorite animal manicures.

Happy Buzzin'!


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  2. Beautiful!! Your nails look just perfect.
    I love this nails art ;)

  3. Beautiful. I love it. You are such a creative girl. Wow.


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