Monday, 13 May 2013

How To Make Flowers #2

Hello my reader! How's it hangin'? Yup, here it is. The second design in the series. Simple as hell. The thing I love about this technique is that the flowers look like stickers 'cause they're so 3D. And yeah I love the compliments too. ^_^

Stuff I Used

You just need some nail colors, a toothpick and a bobby pin.

What To Do

1. Apply the base color.
2. Put 5 dots in a circle using the bobby pin. Wait a 'lil (around 15 seconds.)
3. Put the toothpick in the middle of a dot and drag towards the centre.
4. Do step 4 on all finger nails.
5. Fill in the middle with another color. Apply a top coat.

Hoping you got it and will try it. Do gimme your feedback.

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Byesies and take care

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